New works in addition to a new image of GOW 3

N4GA via Google Translate: Today we have some new works of art as well as a new image for more games pending in 2010 and is a game of GOW 3 exclusive to the PS3 in March, some of these business-exclusive, some other may be present but not before you see Let's take a look at this business

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bpac1234567894222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

this is my most anticipated game of next year. I have a feeling that everyone whos making those dante and kratos comparisons will realize how silly they where once this game comes out. I can't wait for them to show more gameplay sometime this month.

steck674222d ago

What's more silly are those Bayonetta and Kratos comparisons lol

Sunny_D4222d ago

Please, Bayonetta is one of Krato's ho's! That's why pimp slaps every night. :P

Blaster_Master4222d ago

The only ones that are making that statement are you know what fanboys.

shutupandplay4222d ago

When can we expect that new gameplay anyway?

Bathyj4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

I played the Bayonetta demo. I wasnt enjoying it that much at all, but it wasnt until the movie near the end I realised how childish and gamelike the whole thing sounded.

Corny dialouge and resident evil quality voice acting just sucked away what little immerssion I was feeling and quickly reminded me I was playing game, and one aimed at teenagers.

Thats not neccessarily a bad thing but when you see a movie out of GoW it immediately strikes you how mature it is, and how well acted. I know its just a cut scene but that sort of production value carries throughout the whole game and its so much better because of it. You give it so much more attention and credit as you watch/play it. Bayonetta just made me cringe after that.

Thats one of the reasons I cant go back to a lesser game and enjoy it. I'm too dam spoilt now.

sinncross4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

I cant believe but if take a look at this screen:

Now in Greek mythology (and I honestly cant remember their names) there is this god/ goddess who is a group of devoted servants being women. And they are under some sort of influence whereby they apparently kill anyone who comes near them when under the ecstasy or something bizarre.

Ill try to find out the name but I think they may be in GOW3. I just need to figure out what god/ goddess they worship. Regardless, could be an awesome fight.

I think it may the Cult of Dionysus (god of wine) which some believe was only attended by Women. They would get drunk/ have orgies and then go around capturing animals and kill then. im pretty sure that if someone was to stumble upon their ritual, that they would turn on that person.

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Somnipotent4222d ago

i can't wait to kick zeus's ass

CryWolf4222d ago

The most anticipated game of 2010 with graphics and gameplay that will take PS3 cell processor to its limits.

soljah4222d ago

less then 2 weeks
prepare minds will be blown when people realize what santa monica studio's will release upon the gaming masses.

CryWolf4222d ago

When God Of War 3 is release this will be a date which will live in infamy how the final nail will be put into xbot coffin and if God Of War 3 don't put 360 in its place then Final Fantasy XIII will also.

Erotic Sheep4222d ago

Fighting Hades is gonna be so freaking AWESOME!

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