EA's dropping Madden '09 servers & more

EA has announced they will be removing many servers for their sports title coming just 1 month away on February 2nd, 2010 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC.

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Blaster_Master4231d ago

thats bullcrap. I dont know why they are dropping servers to a game thats not even 2 yet? Thats a low move. That right there is the main reason why I wont ever buy EA sports games again. It be different if they didn't come out with rehashes every year.

mrv3214231d ago

Let's face it EA isn't exactly going through it's up point... it's releasing new IP's and I'm sure EA probably did cost effectiveness data and workout. Let's face it how many people do you still think play said games?

TheDudeAbides4231d ago

Yes, but '09 games? Thats just wrong.

Bnet3434231d ago

This is why I hate buying EA games that have online. EA games will never last because of this. Bet they will shut down Bad Company servers too.

Sircolby454231d ago

That is a load of crap. This is why EA has their own servers. It sure as hell is not because it makes the game better because it actually makes it worse.(Their servers suck) EA has their own servers so they can cut you off and try to push you to buy the new version. If I ever buy sports games I will 100% of the time go with 2K.

Elven64231d ago

How many people still play Madden 09 online? It will suck for original Xbox owners though since they didn't get a Madden 10 this year, apparently Madden 09 still sold about 50k units which isn't bad for a "dead" console.

This is why I like it when developers use both Dedicated Servers and P2P in their games like Shadowrun, Section 8, etc. That way even when the last server is shut down people cans till play over P2P if they wanted to.

harv0524231d ago

Hence the reason why games shouldn't have online trophies / achievements....

Sarick4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

They also support copy protected saves. Basically if they stop the online support for these the games they're being disabled and losing functionality. EA also pushs for copy protected saves. Basically, when your games lose support or they shut down the servers the software loses it's functionality.

Gamers have become too accepting of these careless greedy practices. When you buy a product it should be self sufficient and not require the online components to function.

When functionality is restricted or removed these hard copy games become worth about as much as the materials used to create the disk. EA and other developers will continue towards this path because it's the most profitable way to push customers into the new products by obsoleting the previous years products.

Figure it this way. If the auto industry followed these examples every year or two we'd need to purchase a new car because the parts are no longer manufactured or compatible. This is the way the gaming industry is headed.

Gamers don't even realize it. We're losing backwards compatibility, losing the ability to backup our saves, the ability to resale or trade our games and the ability to play online after the titles become outdated.

What does it take to open the eyes of uneducated gamers this generation? The ability to pop in a game and enjoy it is being slowly taken away by greedy developers who only want to make money. This means creating products that have a limited or fixed lifespan.

By shutting down online servers or features games are being disabled feature by feature. It's sad really that most gamers only live in the moment and refuse to look ahead to the future when they purchase from developers who push this.

A lot of gamers talk down on PAY-PER-PLAY that Microsoft is pushing but haven't figured that we're still headed that direction with games that lose functionality. Please wake up all games are headed to limited subscription and everything this generation will lose a lot of functionality come next generation.

Blaze9294231d ago

wtf? Madden NFL 2009 still has TONS of players on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and they are dropping it? This is why Microsoft did not want to allow EA to host their own servers when Xbox LIVE launched - unfortunately, they threatened to not support the system if so. Ironic part about that now is Peter Moore is president of EA Sports and is still allowing this.

We now have to fear payign $60 for only 1 year of online play? GTFO. Maybe now people will stop buying EA online games becuase this is Bull, they need to get the picture.

Redempteur4231d ago

Impressive Electronic arts .
i know a lot of people how use sports game that aren't up to date ..
WHy ? because a good sports game doesn't became crap as soon as the new one is out ...

Why shutting down LAST YEAR servers ... ??
This is pretty stupid ....EA really can't resist the taste of money ...

blackmagic4230d ago

Yep, companies shouldn't have to support old* games so they can make more money.

*This message was written while taking a break from my online session of Diablo II on which I bought a decade ago from one of the most financially successful developers of all time. I can't imagine why Blizzard is such a successful company that is praised and loved by the gaming community! *Shrugs shoulders*


evrfighter4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

suddenly you guy's see why pc gaming evolved and dedicated servers became a staple.

"I can't imagine why Blizzard is such a successful company that is praised and loved by the gaming community!"

I'm so sure it had nothing to do with a game that brings them a couple billion a month. Kotick's set to get his claws sunk into Blizzard. Blizzard is on course to becoming the next Infinity Ward if they don't do anything about it.

in-game cash shop for pets, 3 different full priced installments for Starcraft, no lan for Diablo 3...When WoW dies, Blizzard will become a shadow of its former self.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g4231d ago

online only or majority online games.

Thanks EA...I'm sure I'll be able to pick up Madden 09 for $5 soon and play locally like I prefer anyway.

4231d ago
Johnny Rotten4231d ago

wow, that's pretty sad on their behalf. Think of how many husbands and sports fans probably got Madden 09 for x-mas only to find the support for the online community dropped 2 months later.

If this crap continues they should be fair about it charge $40 or less for the disk. Lets hope activision and other developer's don't see any value in this.


damn the person who got you the game is cheap giving you a year old sports game

happy_gilmore4231d ago

you get what you pay for, bots.

Budg3tG4m3r4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

With P2P you don't need to worry about servers getting shut down. How long do you think Sony will keep Killzone 2 or UC2 servers up? With P2P they stay up and never go down. Thats why alot of PS3 owners like me are asking for premium services over at the PS3 forums. you PS3 fanboys are worse than the xbots you bash.

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