EA Sports Once Again Sued Over Player Likeness Usage

A new lawsuit against EA contends that the publisher “knowingly and intentionally” used NFL players’ likenesses in such a way that they would avoid having to pay licensing fees. Plaintiff Tony Davis, a former NFL running back, believes that EA misappropriated the retired players by using stats and positions, without using the names and uniform numbers of specific players. This matters little, as the game allows players to manually change the names of these “historic players.”

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Electronic Arts Announces "Strong" Financial Results as EA Sports FC and Madden Revenue Grows

Today Electronic Arts announced its financial results for for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2024, defined as "strong" by the company.

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Kiryu199221d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Good job gamers keep speaking with your wallets by buying more micro transactions and than asking why publishers are now charging for features which used to be free or unlocked by simply playing the games

Unlimited health ammo and money
Infinite XP
big head mode
New game plus

Now sold to us as micro transactions

Mr_cheese21d ago

I wouldn't pay for it but I'd love a big head mode in fc 😅

Rebel_Scum21d ago

Wish EA would revist some of their 16bit ip.

anast21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

They still can't make the sidelines on Madden look like real sidelines and they can't show the owner's box during cutaways and etc.


EA Sports FC 24 Achieves 14.5 Million Active Accounts & Drives "Strong" Financial Results for EA

Today Electronic Arts announced its financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024, including a strong launch for EA Sports FC 24.

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vn88cc110d ago

The article is really helpful


Gaming Industry Nears $350 Billion In Yearly Revenue, Says EA Executive

The EA president says that the gaming industry is approaching $350 billion in annual revenue, far exceeding expert predictions.

Vengeance1138125d ago

And to most if not all gaming CEOs, it's nowhere near enough. Below their expectations.

shinoff2183124d ago

And yet we continue to see broken/buggy aaa releases constantly