Gamervision: Best Ever Driving Game 2009

Gamervision writes: "Along with platformers, shooters, and puzzle games, driving games have been with us almost since the beginning of video games. There's something about the sense of speed and intensely competitive nature of racing titles that resonates with gamers in every console generation. Regardless of your tastes in driving games, 2009 offered excellent driving games for almost every type of gamer. Fans of over-the-top driving action had Excitebots: Trick Racing, with its insane vehicles and stunts, while off-road fans could immerse themselves in world of Dirt 2. On the handheld side, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge put the blinding speed of the Motorstorm series in gamers' hands, and Gran Turismo PSP offered a more realistic racing experience than we've ever seen on a portable console. Every race must have a winner, though, and while all these games were great racing experiences, they paled in comparison to our champion."

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Saaking4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I'd say it's a tie between NFS Shift and Forza 3.

Bungie4226d ago

The definitive racing game of this generation

Nuff said

FishCake9T44225d ago

Forza 3 but as i PS3 user got to give Dirt 2 a shout. Theres no need to do one of these articles next year i think we all know whats coming out on top.

4224d ago