Crytek spill first details on Crysis 2; set in a "new style of jungle"

Crytek finally gives the first, brief details on Crysis 2, its setting and reveals new screenshots.

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Pandam0bile4227d ago

""Crysis is going to consoles, so the design must be gimped" topic, Camarillo explains that that's "not necessarily" the case. "In some ways it has allowed us to avoid overdesigning features, to keep the focus narrower and tight for a compelling experience on all platforms.""

In otherwords: Gimped


krouse934227d ago

Yea such BS.

I have all consoles and a Gaming PC I wish they would have just kept it exclusive to PC so I could have an excuse to upgrade my PC again. :)

Taarec10ToTheEnd4227d ago

Too bad. This game is all eye candy anyway

evrfighter4227d ago

gimped and probably 10x more linear

ooooh well

I doubt anyone had high hopes for it anyway

Pandam0bile4227d ago

I still have high hopes for Crysis though. They said the console and PC development was being done separately.

Darkeyes4227d ago

For the first time I feel guilty as a console owner..... I loved Crysis and it's open world.. Hope they don't change it too much. If it's a step back from Crysis 1, then it's bad for gaming. Have high hopes for Crysis 2.

Xi4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

And that might change the overall structure of the pc version but I doubt the pc version will be gimped with regards to technical prowess and scope.

it might mean a more linear path in some sections but the idea of verticality intrigues me, and might offer some much needed variation in the crysis wash - rinse - repeat scheme of things. (really i loved the first one, but most missions consisted of a small town or outpost with an objective, i found it got repetitive way too quickly)

mastiffchild4226d ago

Yeah, it's sad. Can we, though, not blame anyone as a gamer for this as Crytek are just chasing the money after getting a lot of stick last time with the first game meaning a lot of people(including myself) had to upgrade to really appreciate Crysis. In fact I can't think of another game that has pushed PC tech as hard since then so maybe it was a watershed/Concorde moment that we won't see very often again:(

I don't see why they would gimp it, mind, unless it's the issue with arcade 360's again not having an HDD,is that maybe it, IDK? Surely giving a mandatory install to 360 and PS3 would allow the PC version to be open as they liked taking the console versions with it AND allowing the extra res etc on top, no? Or would that be too easy? I still believe it was the lack of an HDD that cut down the size of the open world in Rage myself despite Carmack wanting to stay mates with the whole world! I suppose, though, it would pi55 people off if the PC got better visuals AND more game as well so I understand them doing it when the PS3 has no piracy to speak of and even the 360 way less than the PC./

I also was thinking about piracy on PC again the other day and wondered if they wouldn't be better commisioning a deeper study into just what the extent and effects of piracy are to the PC gaming industry as, in my experience, most of the people I know that pirate games do so because they either can't afford to buy a game anyway(so noone loses anything really)or do it to try a game out which they'll then buy if they enjoy it to enjoy all it has to opffer on and offline, no? sure there's sewrial pirates and cheapskkates around but I really don't know if the effects are quite as bad for the industry as they make out. It's like the "home taping is killing music" thing in the 80's-it wasn't as anyone would rather have bought the CD/Vynil than had a crappy tape and did so if they could afford it and 90% of cassettes were made to be used in Walkmen/carstereos by people who'd actually bought the record already! IMO these things are often not quitrte as black and white as they seem at first glance-or am I being too romantic?

Back OT-I think it's a little sad that games are being made across platforms without being truly optimised because of the desire for parity between the consoles-and now it's spreading to PC. If I was a director I think I'd be frustrated at not being able to maake the very best game I could for eacj platform, no?

free2game3654226d ago

translation, the AI and controls are going to take a big hit

Kornholic4226d ago

Well the pc gamers had it coming. The piracy numbers were huge.

likedamaster4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Pandamobile leads the PC fanboy brigade to war against console enthusiasts. You're a funny guy.

It's a "no buy" for me, the jungle setting is beyond "played out" for me. Makes me think Crytek can't provide good visuals outside of that setting.

Personally, they should've thought of making a console version from the beginning and then maybe we wouldn't have the mess of a shooter we call Crysis today.

DaTruth4226d ago

Just like people knew FFXIII would be gimped! It's not a fanboy thing; Multiplats are just gimped and there's no getting around it, Except that 360 fanboys latch on to multiplats as if they're exclusive, is the only fanboy thing going on!

I don't even have a gaming PC!

Kurylo3d4226d ago

The hard drive and disc space doesnt have anything to do with why its gimped. Its gimped cause neither console has a graphics card that can run an entire island jungle on any cryengine 2 or 3 lol...

So they are going to have to try to close off sections of jungles instead of it being a huge open world.

Immortal3214226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I judge the whole presentation like
-art style

I mean yea the console are so gimped same with ff13 to the 360

BattleAxe4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Crysis 1 is already gimped. First off Crytek couldn't make a proper controller configuration if they tried, on the menu screen the cursor for the mouse is off by about 2 inches from where it should be in order to be able to easily click on any of the options, some of the checkpoints don't work properly, the game gets really boring up until you enter the alien ship because you're fighting the same people all throughout the game, the vehicles control like absolute crap, on Crysis: Warhead I fell through the map 2 times while playing through it and the online has people lagging and teleporting all around the maps, the maps for online play are way way way too big for the few people that are usually playing making it look like a ghost town and you guys are worried about consoles gimping the PC version?.......please.

I'm starting to wonder if some of you PC guys have ever played any decent games. If you look at Panda's posts, the only games he's ever played are all games made by Valve and Crysis....thats all folks, nothing to see here.

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LinuxGuru4227d ago

"new kind of jungle" a.k.a. "concrete jungle" a.k.a. a city environment.

Crysis 2 will be in urban environments. Yay.


TheIneffableBob4227d ago

Yeah, urban environments sound right. It could be pretty cool if every building can be entered. Also, this interview ( ) says that CryENGINE 3 supports procedural destruction so maybe some buildings could be destroyed. That would be awesome.

DaTruth4226d ago

You know how much potential this would have if it was PC exclusive! This could be a gaming PC system seller! Fully enterable buildings with destruction where you blow a whole in the ceiling and ambush the guys on the upper floor!

dirthurts4226d ago

I'm sure we'll be seeing some city environments. I'm guessing a large African city maybe...?
That way they could transition it from city to jungle and back.

albert_2754227d ago

They want to give players a more focused experience. So that means more linear and scripted.
I guess that's not too bad...
PC gamers will probably rage that Crytek's moving away from what made the original so great and what not, but since Crysis and Warhead didn't receive the amounts of praise they deserved, they're probably not afraid to test new waters.

Pandam0bile4227d ago

Crysis sold like 2 million copies and scored a 91 on Metacritic. I'd say that's plenty.

HDgamer4227d ago

2 million isn't enough for fanboys. Crysis and Warhead is one of the best games I've played.

albert_2754227d ago

They sold 2 million? Hmm, then what was all the fuss about Crysis not earning enough money? What was the development budget? Why's Crytek trying to have Crysis on consoles when they were supposedly sucessful on the PC?

I enjoyed Warhead - a lot more than Crysis 1. I felt that the action was tighter, and I loved those small SMGs dual wielded!

evrfighter4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

warhead was great I agree. Definitely a must have if you've got a solid pc.


Crysis started off slow. REALLY slow. After the first month it was around 50k copies sold. It was labeled a flop for quite awhile actually until the 1 year mark.

Imho I believe Crytek made the decision to develop for console well before the 2 million mark. I guess we'll see if that pays off for them. I do hope they continue their pc work. They are extremely talented and I'm sure they are the type to not want to be limited to what's inside a console.

Pandam0bile4227d ago

The amount of user content and mods for Crysis is absolutely amazing. Crysis 2 better ship with the new CryEditor or there will be many pissed modders.

Never has a singleplayer game kept me so interested more than 2 years after its launch.

I'll go on CryMod and find some new single player maps with new environments and awesome enemy ambush points, or install a new TOD to make Crysis' lighting look near photorealistic.

Crysis 2 will fizzle out pretty quickly on the consoles, in my opinion. Without the onslaught of new user content it will fall pretty flat with console gamers unless they make the multiplayer 10x more awesome than the last one.

TheIneffableBob4227d ago

Crysis sold very well, but the CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, wants to see even better numbers. He wants to see Call of Duty-level sales in the 6+ million range. That is why Crysis 2 is on consoles. Unfortunately for him, he will never see numbers like that.

mastiffchild4226d ago

@panda-there's no reason at all why we can't have mods on all three platforms though, is there? the only reason anyone i know still plays UT3 on the PS3 is because we can make and import our mods and there's key/mouse support too so whyever wouldn't they look at that for each platform this time when, I agree, there's some amazing stuff i've played made for Crysis?

My biggest issue with the almighty con called L4D on the 360 is the total lack of mods-it's why most 360 gamers were more happy to see Valve make L4D2 than PC gamers imo-it's abigger issue than the fact I paid twice as much as I did on Steam, that it looks like crap and runs badly compared to my PC version or the fact Valve don't support it anywhere near as well on console. Allow us mods to bring in though and the picture would change immediately so, unless MS and Valve just wanted quick cash because the dev tools being similar allowed a quick, low cost port and damn the quality 360 gamers got, just why isn't there mod/community support for either L4D on the 360? REALLY annoys me, tbh, and I really hope Crytek get mods onto consoles like Epic/Sony managed as it really gives games legs and console only gamers might not have experienced this kind of thing before.

t8504226d ago


UT3 is about the only game on the ps3 that has a modding community.

Most console devs do not like the idea of giving console users the ability to mod games. Since they would like console users to be done with a game, then have money ready for the next game. They do not like longitivity in console games, like games have it on the pc. As an example i still play some very old PC games being CS, warcraft 3.

Notice even if a developer likes to hand out free stuff, like valve does for the PC version of its games. Companies like microsoft would rather make a profit on it. Hence i do not think microsoft or sony would like console gamers to keep playing old games modding them then extending the life of the game for years. Its just not going to happen sony and microsoft are too much in the RED to allow that to happen.

The pc on the other hand isnt controlled by anyone, thus the community gets alot more value for their money.

DeadlyFire4226d ago

Well that explains why Crysis is on OnLive, OTOY services already then. Either way its likely Crysis can pick up those numbers. It just needs the right kinda push behind it. I think its certainly possible with time.

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blikz4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

like the movie avatar? floating mountain? :P

Pandam0bile4227d ago

That's a very good possibility, Xi. They have been showing more North American-looking forrests and vegetation in some of the tech demo videos.

stonecold14227d ago

sorry bots at least it wont get gimped because of the dvd9 panda killzone2 uncharted 1,2 and heavy rain gt5 god of war 3 say hi

kaveti66164227d ago

When they say new type of jungle, they're not talking about North American forests and things like that. I'm willing to bet that they're talking about city environments. Their hints are so obvious. The cityscape is often called the modern jungle. Anyways, Stonecold is a biased twat.

shazui1234227d ago

they may be 4 year old hardware, but the ps3 still produces games that rival the best looking game available on PC due to the time and care devs spend optimising their games for the platform. Unfortunately for PC owners, devs dont tend to optimise our games much and we have to upgrade our PCs every year or so :(

t8504227d ago

if you are upgrading every year then you are doing it wrong and i doubt you really even are a pc gamer.

PISSIO4226d ago

Crysis run on DVD 9


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