Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta Info Will Come Soon

E4G: It is a good day for the PC owners.

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dkblackhawk503214d ago

I should have known that this would be good news for you :P, always a PC gamer.

socomnick3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta Info Will Come Soon"

So why is this news, wait for the news to come then make an article.

Everyday n4g sinks deeper and deeper no longer becoming relevant.

Maddens Raiders3214d ago

is teh shyt. believe the hype.

darkmurder3214d ago

After PS3 beta cant wait to try out the PC version, can only be better

trancefreak3213d ago

Ya dark murder would be nice if it started today. Yo know once you start playing the pc version it will be hard on eyes on the consoles.

But i will get a console version and maybe a pc version depending on my mood of game playing.

CSGrey-Fox3213d ago

This isn't really news, we already sorta knew that the PC beta was coming early 2010. On the bright side it's good knowing that it hasn't been delayed, I can't wait to get my freaking hands on it. The PS3 beta was an option, but the PC version is how it's meant to be played :) And the only time for me when N4G is irrelevant is when HHG or Michael Pachter are featured on here lol.

mfwahwah3213d ago

Who cares if it's news or not, by your standards? It's one link out of pages of links, and you aren't forced to click it and read the article. You can just see this, then keep your eyes peeled for "Bad Company 2 PC Beta Sign Ups Today" in the near future.

No need to thank me for my wisdom here, pals.

cyberwaffles3213d ago

in later news, a breaking discovery reveals socomnick's origin to his profile pic.

didn't know you liked guidos ;)

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superrey193214d ago

Oooo can't wait! should keep me at bay till the game comes out.

dkblackhawk503214d ago

Yep, along with everyone else :D

Pandam0bile3214d ago

All I need to see is a PC screenshot on max settings and a gameplay video to keep me from going nuts :(

dkblackhawk503214d ago

You PC gamers fantasize too much :P

free2game3653214d ago

Most of the screenshots they've released are basically PC screenshots.

champ213214d ago

The HD(pc) version will be great cant wait.

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