Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Coming To A Close

E4G: OfficialBFBC2 has just tweeted that the servers will be shutting down soon.

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dkblackhawk503214d ago

Well that sucks. It was a good beta.

AK463214d ago

So true, I guess the demo will released soon.

dkblackhawk503214d ago

Now to wait for the other betas :P

Dr_Nefarious3214d ago

This sucks. The best beta I have ever been in.

dkblackhawk503214d ago

Yep it was indeed a good beta.

Dellis3214d ago

Will the final game have better graphics?

how is it possible that this game look soo horrible in 2010???

dkblackhawk503214d ago

It was a beta so 10 to 1 says there will be a ton of things improved of the game.

Henry Cain3214d ago

Well it was fun while it lasted. Now I will have time for more Demons Souls.

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