New Heavy Rain Footage (Contains Nudity)

This is new footage of the PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain which is set to be released sometime in February 2010. The following video is in Polish and contains NUDITY so this is NSFW!

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Fishy Fingers4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Best trailer so far, and that's not because of the boobies, although they might of helped ;) Epic music, hope for an English version soon.

SasanovaS19874052d ago

that trailer is epic man, wow...better then movies...honestly, could care less for the tits

Blaze9294052d ago

@1:39 I lol'd for some reason...

anyway, pre-order locked in. can't wait

ryhanon4052d ago

Did anyone start the timer to see how long it takes this to rocket to the top three hot stories for the "(Contains Nudity)" bit?

I wonder if it works for comments too...


That's right, keep those bubbles coming!

Carl14124052d ago

Best titties in gaming, confirmed.

Can't wait for this game (no, not because of the boobs). it looks AMAZING, and unique

Chris Hansen4052d ago

I'm Chris Hansen and I approve this nudity.

multipayer4052d ago

The lol was probably from the possibility that he'd do an F5, like former wwe star brock lesner... While I was doing an F5, like on my keyboard to see it again.

Rocket Sauce4052d ago

That music was hilariously intense. The scene where the guy drinks orange juice was so powerful.

LeonSKennedy4Life4052d ago

The GDC 09 trailer used the same music and it was better, I think.

Been playing Indigo Prophecy all week in preparation.


I already requested February off work. Yes...February.

xTruthx4052d ago

Man cant wait for this game, it looks so unique and fresh

oli4052d ago

the boo b's could hav been bigger :( but anyways that game looks sicK!

hazeblaze4052d ago

This game looks phenomenal! I can't wait... it's definitely the freshest concept I've seen this gen. As a gamer that only enjoys games with good stories... this seems like a match made in heaven!

sikbeta4052d ago

This game is so unique, better support it if you don't wanna stay playing FPS games for ever

bjornbear4052d ago

then expect little support because unfortunately too many gamers only seem to know the FPS genre =(

DMason4052d ago

I find it rather amusing that anything on this site with the words "nudity", "babe", or "NSFW", shoots to the top of this site higher than if the next Xbox or Playstation was announced.

badz1494052d ago

the trailer is full of WIN!

kaveti66164052d ago

Oh man, the scene where he drops the orange and she picks it up... had me in tears. This game is going to be so innovative.

The only scene that tops that is the one where that guy is helping to fix the other guy's tie. What an interesting game.

I've always been wondering what was missing from gaming, and now I know what it is. This isn't just innovation, it's a revolution.

Now, before I go on missions, I'm going to decide whether I want to wear the red boots or the green boots with the strap on the top. Or maybe, I'm feeling a little smelly so I'll take a shower before I find the bastard who took my son. Forget rushing, I'm gonna have a glass of wine and try on different earrings.

Awesome is the only word that can describe this game. The developers really look like they thought about what makes a game great. When a character steps out of the shower, the player should have the challenge of drying the character off with a towel. Yes, I can see it now. Rave reviews. This game does something no other does. Screw Halo. I don't want to kill aliens. Screw Assassin's Creed. I don't want to climb buildings and assassinate people. Instead, I want to see if I can pour just the right amount of cereal into a bowl.

Such suspense in the gameplay, too. Will I pour too much cereal and get some on the counter and be forced to clean up the mess, or will I pour not enough and have too much milk, and thus, soggy cereal? Man, this game has got me all excited.

BabyStomper50004052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Lol! Why would you use a towel to dry her? I think jumping jacks would be sufficiant.

FACTUAL evidence4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

nice trailer. Can't wait til this hits. SHAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

ABizzel14052d ago

WOW. This is one of the best trailers I've ever seen for a game. People who say Heavy Rain is an interactive movie make that seem like a bad thing. This game is on a whole other level story wise, and based on pure realism than any other game out there. PS3 gamers go out and buy this game NEW, even if it's not to your liking (trade it in afterwards). We need this kind of game to succeed, because QD has taken a huge chance making a Mature game for adults rather than a Mature game based off how mus blood you can spill, and I for on want more games like this.

Oh and Madelina is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT (nude scene looks like a hot Trinity from the matrix).

otherZinc4052d ago

Just Garbage! Heavy Rain is the new Raining King of Overration.

This will be another hyped game that sells like Garbage!

Gambit074052d ago

@ABizzel1: Her name is Madison Paige.

Day 1

Gambit074052d ago

@otherZinc: go play with your Barbie.

ABizzel14052d ago

LOL I don't know where I got Madeline from. I was thinking Madison, but Madeline came out.

beardpapa4052d ago

the game is looking out to be like cgi cutscenes, but ... are they really? Find out with your DS3 and PS3 when it begins to pour heavily come February.

Kakihara4052d ago


That comment was honestly pretty damn hilarious (and I'm not being sarcastic) but as a real argument it's like writing a sarcastic movie review by saying,
'Oh yeah, I'd much rather watch Charles Foster Kane sit at a desk and type up an opera review than watch Vin Diesel dive out of an exploding airplane into another exploding airplane. I'd much rather watch Travis Bickle try and make a phone call to a girl who's snubbing him than watch Milla Jovovich kick a zombie dog in the face.'

Note) I'm not saying Heavy Rain will be anywhere near as deep or moving as Citizen Kane or Taxi driver. I think it will be a game with a slightly above average (for the gaming world) story which still contains a ton of cliches and shallow writing but very innovative and daring gameplay that will hopefully move the industry forward a little so that not every game gets torn apart for lacking tentacle monsters and space marines just like not every film is torn apart for those reasons today.

kaveti66164052d ago

I wrote that sarcastic post in respect to this very sh!tty trailer which is very lame. My post is not a review of the game, as I haven't played the game and am willing to bet that the rest of the game is better than this lame trailer. If I had to judge the game based on that trailer, my post above would be my final opinion.

I got disagrees because the fans of Indigo Prophecy already know the game will be more than the sh!t shown above.

etownone4052d ago

funniest comment i've read in years bro!!!!

zeeshan4052d ago

I find myself speechless every time I see a Heavy Rain trailer. This one is the best so far. Looks like a great game!!!

MagicAccent4052d ago

Im impressed. This game sure is growing on me fast.

hay4052d ago

Translation(on the fly, not 100% word-to-word accurate):
Narrator introduces Polish version of Heavy Rain and says to enjoy the video.

0:27 "Dad!"
"Hey, relax you'll knock me over."

0:40 "In my profession I meet a lot of f*cked up people."

0:42 "We went shopping, I'll get boys later and go home..."(voice fades out)

1:03 "I have your MRI results, everything looks good."

1:07 "...and now everyone talks about her. There are hundreds if killers in this country, but we got here really exceptional freak."

1:12 "Need help Ethan?"

1:14 "I'm OK, thanks."

1:41 "You again? If you're looking for trouble you found it."

1:44 Boobz.

1:58 "I told you not to butt-in a**hole"

1:59 ...Dunno how to translate it, need suggestions ; p

mfwahwah4052d ago


Leave the sarcasm to Sarcastic Gamer. All you seem to be doing is showing off your ignorance towards OTHER people's enjoyment.

You know, why don't YOU go develop a game that SONY wants to back up. Yeah, a multi-billion dollar corporation writing YOU a check to make a video game. I'd kill to see that happen because I know you're just a **** talking hater.

Bloodraid4052d ago

Heavy Rain has been, and remains to be a day one buy for me.

I do find it slightly sad that people are more interested in nudity than the actual game though. I've wanted this game ever since the first gameplay demonstration (The Taxidermist).

It seems odd to me that a majority of the comments on this post are about the two seconds that Madison's breasts are on screen. It's just sad because you know there are going to be people who will buy this game just because of the nudity in it.

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snipermk04052d ago

Heavy Rain = Best display of pixellated boobage ever.. Agreed?

simplyRealistic184052d ago

and it actually look like a real women's breast instead of the other game where they have their own boob physics where one small jerk would make the breast gyro out of control(soul caliber)

anyways this trailer make the game look even more interesting even the fighting through the crowd part

sikbeta4052d ago

pixellated boobs FTW!!!!


beardpapa4052d ago

They should add in the extra detail to assign each analog stick to each nipple, so while in game upon closer inspection of nude female character, you'll bump into an easter egg where by twirling the analog stick, you'll ....

you can use your imagination there.

And let us not forget NGS2's sixaxis controls!


ChrisW4052d ago

Despite lack of jiggly physics, Double Ds would have made it the best!

mfwahwah4052d ago

I'm wondering how GoW3 will step up to this nudity challenge

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Simon_Brezhnev4052d ago

yeah they really not holding back lol. I hope it come out in January.

Skyreno4052d ago

HECK YEAH!!! EPic Trailer>> DAY one buy ,Day one buy, Day One buy graphic Sweet... this game is going be awesome .. i recomed everyone buy this Game ,Day one buy

unrealgamer584052d ago

nice so im about 88% sure of day one now