ModNation Racers Track Studio Walkthrough with Track Designer Mark Riddell

PS Blog:
"I'm Mark Riddell, a track designer for ModNation Racers on PS3. Last week, Rob laid out even more details of the character creation features in the game, and today I'll be talking to you about some of the features of Track Studio.

One of the design goals of Track Studio has always been to cater to both casual and advanced users. You've probably seen and read about people easily creating tracks in just a few minutes. But as a track designer, I'm more interested in what I can do with the tools, and how far I can push them. So today I'm going to talk about a few powerful features that we use to create cool gameplay moments on our tracks."

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cliffbo3219d ago

this is a must have game

sugard03219d ago

If anyone has a beta code.... please PM me and we can discuss. :)

unrealgamer583219d ago

lol we all want beta codes. but it's ok i'll just take the code from the lbp i got for my niece.

3219d ago
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