Nonsense Gamer - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

Dallas Pursley of Nonsense Gamer writes:
"I always find it amazing how they can put a full sized Zelda adventure on such a small handheld device.

It amazes me because while the technology is able to handle a game the size of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, it always seems that the Zelda series is larger than life: an epic adventure from start to finish filled with humor, style, engaging story, and fun game mechanics.

Spirit Tracks is all of these things, but not without a little derailment along the way."

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Kainewynd23323d ago

I think it was just too much Ganon(dorf)... but I agree, one of the main things that has always made Zelda so much fun is that it always gave you the feel of free exploration, even when it was technically limited.

Putting a linear plot device like a train into the game seems kind of like a betrayal of that spirit (HA! Pun!).

matgrowcott3323d ago

the 'cartoon' Zelda games because i hated the sailing segments. I found them annoying and long and the triforce hunt segment put me off Wind Waker for years.

My girlfriend is playing this at the minute, when she's finished i'll give it a bash, see if I can enjoy the more linear train.