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Zoned967d ago

Skyward sword above breath of the wild and Ocarina of time? Well...

Babadook7966d ago

I’m about 50% completed breath of the wild. It’s likely going to top ocarina of time in my books. Contender for my highest goat.

Gaming4Life1981966d ago

Breath of the wild is great but I hope they bring back dungeons and needing the special item to beat it. That's my only problem with breath of the wild but it's still a great game and one of the best zelda's. My favorite zelda is still a link to the past.

Imalwaysright966d ago

Not my goat but it's easily in my top 3 of this generation.

ShinjukuSon966d ago

Windwaker and Link to the Past.

Gaming4Life1981966d ago

A link to the past, ocarina of time, wind waker, and breath of the wild are my favorites.

Mozillayaseen966d ago

Please stop it with these "Best Zelda games list " articles. There are way too many of them.