How did MAG's 256-player tech come about?

Greetings and salutations MAG fans! For today's blog update, we're sitting down with two key members of Zipper Interactive's software team, Mike Nicolino and Nate Klee. But what is it that a software team does, and how did they make MAG's 256-person gameplay possible? Read on to find out.

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-Alpha4238d ago

that they didn't spend too much time focusing on "making it work" and less time making solid gameplay. From what I hear MAG is very standard. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm hoping gameplay considers the 255 other players since I hear the 256 is an illusion since you only see oh-so-many players on-screen.

TheBand1t4238d ago

It slowly gets more and more concentrated the further you push into the map. It starts out as individual squads trying to smash through the bunkers, and once (if) they are cleared out, all the squads start to converge on the primary objective.

YoungKiller254238d ago

yes and once again they show how this is only possible on PS3

WildArmed4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Well since the map is HUGE you'll never see 256 players in ur small field of vision.
But you can run all the way to the other platoon and fight there.
There are no limitations in that sense

But the game isn't my cup of tea. I just feel too darn insignificant.
Maybe if i get a good party running I'd care, but being the only one in the beta in August in my friends list wasn't pleasing. I lost interest quite early.
I can't wait to try it out in Jan. Hopefully this time things will be different, if not.. Army of 2 time o_O

raztad4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


You need to hear more the people that were actually in the beta than the haters.

In MAG you can go an get in contact/fight with 255 players anytime you wish (provided you survive the looooong trip). I mean there are 256 players on the same map, it's not some sort of background or squads separated by invisible walls. Shoots, explosions come from others players, accomplishing objectives as you are.

I dont know what means "standard". MAG has an upgrade system and you are rewarded for every kill you make. The war is between 3 factions in a modern setting, if you call that "standard" or "generic", dunno what FPS isnt nowadays.

What I can tell, judging by my experience, MAG is really fun and the battles are impressive. I was playing alone (not even have a mic) but most of the time I made my part on the big scheme of things. I cant wait to play the full version.

Persistantthug4238d ago

Sony's needs to open more slots on the Friends list, especially if clans want to form or organize.

sikbeta4238d ago

Judge it by yourself, don't follow the bashing bandwagon, this game will need a great support and I'll support it cuz I know Zipper is doing amazing things with this game

-Alpha4238d ago

Just reading what people say. Sure I'll play it for myself eventually but right now I don't have access to the beta.

It's not like I haven't heard good comments about it too, so I'm not going to ignore negative comments, especially since I hear the same ones which concerns me. Gotta take the good with the bad and be more open minded.

skv007 said it best. With that many players the game may make you feel insignificant which really can take away from playing the game. I know there are internal gameplay mechanics, but I really worry about MAG.

I much prefer smaller games like Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare, Halo, and even games to a larger extent like Battlefield and Killzone 2, but 256 players is very intimidating.

I'm eager to see how Zipper pulls it off, and though I have faith in them, I am cautiously optimistic. I applaud them for the effort of trying to be innovative and fresh, but I'd much rather prefer Socom 4

ChozenWoan4238d ago

Those who felt overwhelmed by the player count likely didn't play for more than a couple of hours. You have to put in at least 5-10 hours to truly appreciate MAG for being MAG.

This is not the type of game where 1 person will pawn 63,127, or 255 other people. If your looking for cheap thrills play CoD and leave this game to the mature FPS gamers. If your looking to enjoy a hard earned victory with 7-127 of your closest friends then MAG has the right PMC for you... Go Raven.

Also, MAG has maps that feel like MW1's big maps that feature 64 players battling it out. With 2 squads attack/defending 1of2 primary objectives, it feels like a MW map of 32. The difference is occasionally a good OIC will call in backup from the other objective so you can get some help.

While defending your base's secondary objectives, it can be overwhelming with 256 players fighting in close quarters. But if you focus on your objectives, it's usually pretty easy to fend off the enemy and to claim victory. Even though your one person on a large battlefield, you still can make a major difference by playing smart, focused, and working as a team mate instead of a rambo/lonewolf/sparten.

4238d ago
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oldskoolgamer4238d ago

I'm very interested in this tech for other game applications such as res 3 would be very cool to have this many players .

Taarec10ToTheEnd4238d ago

MAG will be a 90+ game and it is definitely going to turn some heads. And if you are a Socom nut, you'll love MAG.

Just imagine a sequel to MAG(512 players anyone?)

TheBand1t4238d ago

If you're a SOCOM nut, I really doubt you'll like MAG.

SOCOM put it lightly, hyper competitive. MAG, I don't get the competitive feeling.

WildArmed4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Nah, most of my SOCOM nut friends didnt like mag.
Simply bczo it's a FPS.
It's very different from SOCOM in that sense alone
1 in 256 battles doesn't make u feel like a beast o_O

sikbeta4238d ago

What we need is TPS MAG, now that will be Awesome

TheBand1t4238d ago

TPS are better with smaller numbers of peeps.

ZombieAutopsy4238d ago

Tarrec, if you were at the MAG forums the day it was announced to be an FPS you would of seen many socom fans crying tears. I personally would of wanted it to be a TPS just because the markey is filled with FPS and im getting sick of how they all try to be like Call of duty.

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Ps_alm3k4238d ago

about this cannot be done on other system...Because as you all know, THIS GAME can only be done on ps3.
I hate it when people go, " well that pr PR PEE ARRR!!" The CELL/SPU handles everything!!!

Umbrella Corp4238d ago

hopefully this game doesnt flop,it has serious potential to set a new standard in this stale genre.

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