GOONL!NE Advent Calander 2010: #7 – Medal Of Honor

GOONL!NE writes: "My enemy will kill me if I am not more accurate and 1/2 second faster." Wow. Tough break. You see, that's rarely the case in video games, especially first person shooters. Now, I'm not one to act all high and mighty, and condemn Modern Warfare 2 for being 'unrealistic'; that's what we all knew going into it, and that's why most of us loved it – laying down some tactical nuke pwnage online might not be in the U.S. Military Handbook, but it sure is fun.

So, the only other FPS that really comes close to 'realism;' is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. And while it was very realistic, it wasn't what you'd call perfect. It has flaws and annoying little ticks, and sometimes you wanted to smack the hell out of it, but other times it's brilliance would shine through revealing an astonishing achievement with incredibly tense moments. A bit like having a child. In that battlefield, having the fasted trigger finger did matter for once, and there were no second chances.

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