Gaming Age: Tony Hawk: Ride Review

Gaming Age writes: "I'll go ahead and back up what most of the gaming industry has already come to realize, in saying that Tony Hawk: Ride is one of the bigger pieces of gaming junk that's come down the line in recent years. I'll admit my hopes were pretty low for this prior to being able to play it, but they didn't pick up once I had the actual item in my hands. It's a shame too, I loved some of the Tony Hawk games when I was younger, and I have really fond memories of playing through parts 2 and 3 with a buddy that was equally interested in the games at that point."

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electricshadow3627d ago

A deserved score. A good idea on paper, just not executed very well at all. They need to make to make a Tony Hawk game that was actually fun. Like THUG.