9 Games Critics Slammed But Tons Of People Bought Anyways

Here are 9 games reviewers took a critical dump on, yet went on to make giant piles of money anyways...

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Wardog13682205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Because a 71 meta critic is such a huge dump.... please, star wars the force unleashed should not be on the list. 0_0

Even worse, dead island has an 80! 0_0

amaguli2205d ago

In today's age, anything lower than a 85 is considered a failure sadly. Just ask Obsidian and their 84 on New Vegas.

Nimblest-Assassin2205d ago

Reading this article proves some good and bad things, and brings a lot of memories since I've played a few of these games

The bad is how much power Capcom has with brand names

I mean if RE ORC sold 1.5, imagine how well RE6 will do despite it abandoning the things that made the series great in the first place

It seems capcom can slap the title of Resident evil onto anything and it will sell

Another thing, that I find stupid is the inclusion of ANYTHING SONIC and the original force unleashed

The force unleshed has probably one of the best stories in a star wars game, provided an interesting set of characters, and offered people a chance to do things with the force like we have never seen, it makes sense why the original sold well. It wasn't a bad game, it was just very repetitive, relied on a lot of QTES, and had uninspired boss battles

The second one however, is the most disappointing game I have ever played, considering how hyped I was for it, thinking they fixed all of the problems of the first

I was expecting AC1->AC2... I got DMC1->DMC2

Thats why the sequel sold well, because people were expecting great things, and we were all disappointed... and the thing is, they have to make a third, or else the entire story line of Star Wars is messed up

And Sonic never being good? Why do you think there is a loyal fanbase? People love the old sonic games, and the reason sonic games are selling better is because Sega realized the mix of 2d and 3d works

Sure they screwed up with the werehog crap in unleashed, but it was still a fun game... and a lot of reviewers really sucked at the game, look at the IGN gameplay of it

Sad thing is... the reason I got a PS3 was not for its exclusives... I got it for sonic unleashed, since I loved the wii version, and saw the PS3/360 version and said ... oh pretty.

I got MGS4 and LBP as a bonus when I got my PS3... and the only reason I chose the PS3 is because I didn't want to pay for online, and the PS3 controller felt like a gamecube controller to me, and was lighter than the 360 controller.

Yeah... it wasn't uncharted, halo, MGS, god of war or any other exclusive that made me want a PS3/360

... It was sonic unleashed

I was fairly stupid back then

caseh2205d ago

I picked up Dead Island GOTY edition last week and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was after all the reviews etc.

There are many games that don't get amazing ratings. My gem for this generation has to be Binary Domain, had average reviews but by far the best single player campaign ive played in a while.

For me games that score around 80% = Good game but has minor flaws. People really shouldn't be put off by games that don't get over 80% as it could be one of the best games they'll never play. :)

NegativeCreep4272205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Just because RE6 currently is happily/unfairly being subjected to the same treatment as DMC 2, of course depending on your personal opinion?

DMC2 sold just as much or just about the same as the original DMC and the superior DMC3: Dante's Awakening. (DMC4 was the worst, on any console, so we'll just leave that out of the equation altogether).

DMC was great, it entered into a big slump with DMC2, and then it became a big core-gamer franchise again with DMC3. Capcom apparently learned their lesson with DMC2, so who can legitimately say that all the passionate haters of RE6 are right and that Capcom will not mend its ways with an appropriate Resident Evil 7 entry for long-time fans?

I admit that I was confused and disappointed with the RE6 demo, but does this game really justify the complete shutdown and disintegration of Capcom? As so many fervent, anti-RE6 fanboys on N4G have wished for?

I don't think so.

vortis2205d ago

I think it just breaks down the reality that critics finally held their own for once during this age of over-promotion and advertorial content.

It's good reviewers didn't shriek away just because RE6 was an AAA game.