Lens of Truth: MX vs ATV Reflex Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "This week we take a ride with the newest addition to motor sports racing, MX vs. ATV Reflex. The question begs: which version is the muddiest and which version should be buried 6 feet under? Wipe the mud from your eyes and let's get dirty, cause you're about to find out!"

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jack_burt0n3631d ago

On this site 2 sec load time being shorter outweighs one version having lossless audio and 720p cgi. Crazy stuff you guys should get a company to donate you a decent hdmi audio setup its not just movies that take advantage of AAA audio tech anymore.

jaidek3631d ago

And what does this have to do with this comparison? And since when does sound quality outweigh graphics, performance and loading? It doesn't. Sorry.

Anon19743631d ago

I guess it matters to someone out there...