Jet Set Radio And Two More Now Backward Compatible On Xbox One

Microsoft continues to roll out new backward compatible games on Xbox One. Today marks another three joining the service.

Headlining the bunch is Sega’s brightly colored subversive skate game, Jet Set Radio. Originally released on the Dreamcast, it got a new lease on life as an Xbox Live Arcade game.

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Yi-Long1872d ago

I would really like to see Mark of the Ninja getting added to the BC list, as well as the Project Gotham Racing games, Ninja Gaiden Black, Trials Evo, Dirt 2, and a few others...

Picnic1872d ago

Jet Set Radio Future on the original Xbox is better to me because it's faster, there's more platforming and it's not so incredibly hard. The Dreamcast game still has a great art style though.

gangsta_red1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Xbox and Sega are playing with my emotions. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed?? But yet Sega would authorize...Sonic The Fighters...