This Week’s Xbox Live Store Deals

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Live Games Store. Discounts are valid on Xbox 360 now through 20 January 2014.

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Gazondaily3243d ago

Still not good enough in my opinion. Compare this to the discounts on PS Plus and it becomes a bit of a joke. Come on MS...get your act together.

Chanogram3243d ago

These deals are pretty good. As far as sales go, PS+ and Xbox Live have been on par. The "free" games are too hard to compare, as one is giving the game away free and clear to subscribers, and the other is offering it to you only while you are still a functioning/paying member of the service. Apples to oranges IMO. I've had both and am fine with either approach, just keep the good games coming.

xHeavYx3243d ago

That "rental" excuse is nonsense. First of all, I'd rather get Bioshock Infinite "as a rental" until my PS+ expires (2016 so far) than getting a 5 year old arcade game. I mean, let's be honest, for how long are you going to play a game like DmC? Sony gave away Sleeping Dogs last May, Xbox members are just getting it.
So, please, stop the "rental" nonsense

BillytheBarbarian3243d ago

You still keep sleeping dogs on Xbox when your live subscription ends. Not with Sony. Therefore it's a paid rental service like Netflix.

hazardman3243d ago

Hey something is something dude. And as far as deals. PS+ has better free games but XBL has better games discounts, IMO and are both great services. Besides that free is cant complain when its free.

curtis923243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

All you saying PS+ is rental... so are you planning to drop xbox live gold? No... you're going to keep it, because almost LITERALLY everything on xbox is behind the Gold paywall. So stop acting like you're going to get it in, get games, then drop gold. You'll have gold just like all PS players will have +. What happens after you drop the service is pretty irrelevant.

And the stuff that you call 'rental' are FREE games. The ps+ discounts you get (like 75% off) stay with you even if you drop +. You don't lose ANYTHING you pay for. Only the free games.

Volkama3243d ago

Gamers claim they are so adamantly against DRM, so protective of their sacred right if ownership. Then ps plus comes along and suddenly the benefits are clear as day, and all principles are out the window.

So... Is playing games less fun if you don't own the games, or is it a-ok?

kreate3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I hope ppl submit these articles more often.

I like looking at the sales.
Xbl have really good deals.

I don't Like the selection of games this time around. Keep giving us the sales Microsoft.

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Bolts-N-Rays11093243d ago

Did you not see the huge 2K deals last week? Every week isn't going to have something you want. I'll take both Darksiders, since I missed out on those earlier.

Gazondaily3243d ago

Nah I didn't to be fair. Well, there isn't anything there I would particularly buy, except maybe Darksiders 2

Captain Qwark 93243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

i picked up atv and arcania. been wanting both of those a while. the deals on xbl have been awesome lately. im running out of space.

sleeping dogs=free
shoot many robots=free
hitman absolution=7.49
atv reflex=4.99

sold deals


darksiders are great games. highly recommend

tawak3243d ago

Wheel of Fortune...lolol i woudnt even download it for free.
the Puppeteer alone can pwn all this deal:

JohnnyTower3243d ago

Is darksiders any good? Is it hack n slash or rpg?

DoctorJones3243d ago

Both, kind of. It's like a mix of a few genres, a cross between Zelda and GOW mainly. It's a great game, the first is better in my eyes but you can't go wrong with either game really.

Captain Qwark 93242d ago

i agree the first is better. i actually preferred the gameplay in the second more but the story is much better and makes more sense in the first which as a result had me more invested in the character and world

DeadRabbits3243d ago

They say don't look a gift horse in the mouth but these knackers need to go to the glue factory!

Mister_Dawg3242d ago

I don't care about free games. I pay for xbox live because the online service blows PSN away. Literally poops on it from a gargantuan height.

If all people care about is free games, then build a kick ass pc and download torrents.

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