IncGamers: Exclusive AoC Developer Diary

Age of Conan's developers talk about the the upcoming expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, kicking off with the announcement at GamesCon.

The video also shows shots of Khitai, the new area in the expansion.

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Leord3632d ago

She looks very surprised, lol!

Malfurion3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

That's Erling Ellingsen lol, a man...

Leord3632d ago

Sounds Icelandic or Norwegian. Am I far off?

Poor bloke looking like a girl though :P

Malfurion3632d ago

The fact that Funcom is based in Norway, i guess he's Norwegian... And I don't know what girls you know, but I think I feel sorry for them ;)

Fyzzu3632d ago

Wow. Looks like there's some cool stuff coming, but I'm *still* not venturing back until people I know and trust tell me that the game is actually fixed and worth playing.

Leord3632d ago

Yeah, loads of my friend from a WoW guild called Anvil of Crom (Crom being the main god in Age of Conan) have all reverted back to WoW after AoC's launch =/

Dorjan3632d ago

bad start curses them forever!

Maticus3632d ago

Godslayer looks absolutely stunning, can't wait.

Malfurion3632d ago

I love te fact you have to rear your own mount :)