"Vampire Rain" for Xbox 360 goes gold

Microsoft Brings the Rain

"Vampire Rain" for Xbox 360 goes gold, unleashing an assault on Nightwalkers everywhere with the launch of the game's official website, Fan Site Kit and new trailer

Microsoft today announced that "Vampire Rain," the frighteningly entertaining Xbox 360 title developed by Artoon, has gone gold and will be shipping to stores on July 3 with an estimated retail price of $59.99.

"Vampire Rain" combines stealth, survival horror and shooter aspects of your favorite games as you lead a black ops unit to secretly eliminate one of the deadliest supernatural enemies you will ever face. Known as Nightwalkers, this highly evolved new breed of Vampire is intensely fast with super agility and they are converting humans to their kind at an alarming rate. Gamers prepared to enlist in an elite hit squad to rid the world of Nightwalkers can find additional information at the game's official website, which launched today at www.vampirerain.com.

For the truly courageous, and those who aren't afraid to go out in the rain without their umbrellas, the game's official Fan Site Kit is also available and can be downloaded at www.vampirerain.com. The Fan Site Kit includes artwork, skins, screenshots, forum avatars and more assets for webmasters to create their very own "Vampire Rain" fan site.

Still not scared of the Nightwalkers? Check out a new trailer of the game, which will surely make players want to sleep with the light on. The trailer is available for free download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and at www.vampirerain.com.

Nightwalkers beware, it's about to rain, or better yet, it's about to pour!

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Steve5196216d ago

the movie on there site look really nice. Never heard of the game till today though

TheXgamerLive6216d ago

I find it similar to most other cross console games, the ps3 version if still valid will probablly be delayed until 2008. Unless there holding footage of a ps3 version back b/c it's not yet up to par.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To be honest, I didn't even know that there was a ps3 version, does the dev. still show a ps3 version coming out?

Dr Pepper6216d ago

I don't know, it looks alright. I'll have to wait for more info on it.

Morbius4206216d ago (Edited 6216d ago )

Release a Tomb of Dracula game. Imo no other vampire in any kind of media was as fleshed out or as evil as Dracula from the Marvel universe was. He's also had his fair share of fights with the likes of Spider-Man, Dr Strange and the Silver Surfer yet he gets no props even after they gave Blade (who's first appearence was in Tomb of Dracula)his own series of movies and television shows. The 'Dracula' that was in Blade III was so fuc*ng lame I wanted to throw something @ the screen while I was watching it. C'mon Marvel...Tomb of Dracula would make a great game and movie. Btw Tomb of Dracula had some of the best artwork in all of comics then and now as you can see from these images.

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HonestGamers Retrospective // Vampire Rain

Gary Hartley Writes: It's okay. No, really.

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Vampire Rain Creators Developing Gun Loco

Canceled Square Enix game Gun Loco was made by the same company that made Vampire Rain

Siliconera: Two Linkedin profiles point to AQ Interactive, more specifically their Artoon division. Artoon handled Blinx the Time Sweeper, Blue Dragon, and umm… Vampire Rain. The Last Story was sort of an Artoon project too, but by then AQ Interactive de-branded all of their studios into one giant AQ Interactive family.

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andron4825d ago

Ahh, Vampire Rain, the worst "next-gen" game demo I have ever played on Live. It was laughably bad...

Apotheosize4825d ago

Well that explains it, looked pretty horrible

macky3014825d ago (Edited 4825d ago )

GOTY,.. kekekekeke,.. Fucking loco!!!

Ok,.. will try to be nicer to 360 gamers ,.. but this is just ,..omg I cannot stop laughing,.. lololo

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OXM UK: The Worst DLC Of All Time

OXM UK writes: "Shivering Isles. Lost & The Damned. Rock Band 2. Left 4 Dead.

There has been plenty of awesome DLC on Marketplace that has helped extend the life of your favourite games thanks to new game modes, weapons, cars or whatever else. Good DLC will rally the Xbox Live community back to the old favourites and provide the perfect excuse to blow the dust off a long neglected game.

Even so, there's been plenty of tat too. Some publishers have seen it as a cheeky excuse to try and squeeze a few extra coins out of eager gamers while other DLC has just been... bad. Plain bad. So which ranks as the worst?

5. Vampire Rain Mission Pack
Description: Extra single player missions..."

Lucreto5527d ago

Didn't tales of Vesperia have dlc for 1 million gold and to increase your level by 5 of something like that?

I think that was the worst dlc with horse armour not far behind.

ChampIDC5527d ago (Edited 5527d ago )

Yup, you're right. They did have purchasable money and levels. Sad really.

Don't think that can count as DLC, though, as it's not really content. They did count the money on The Godfather, though, so I guess it'd be fair game in this site's list.

TheDude2dot05527d ago

Why does everyone rip on Horse Armor? I liked how it made my horse smexy and whatnot.

Dmack795527d ago

This article looks very familiar...

ShabzS5527d ago

am i the only one who liked that game?

ShabzS5527d ago

damn!!... guess i'm a succer for decapitating werewolves

DreamcastFanboy5527d ago

The Godfather had DLC were you paid money to get money in the game also they had a complete everything in skate 2 DLC.

Elven65527d ago

Looking purely in terms of what you get, the Stranglehold map pack was good, it had a lot in it as well, the pricepoint may have been a bit too much though.