GamersPlatform: Vampire Rain Altered Species Review

GamersPlatform Writes:

"The original Vampire Rain for the XBOX 360 received a lot of harsh remarks and was said to be one of the worst games ever released in the history of video games. Some gamers have said that the game is impossible to finish, and some just grew tired of the game. A year after the original release of the game for the XBOX 360, Artoon wants to give PS3 owners a chance to try this so called, "horrendous" game..."

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Panipal20055387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

It's funny how the actual title (Vampire Rain) is so much smaller on the box than the subtitle, almost as if they were trying to distance this version from the original...

Jamegohanssj55387d ago

That's really funny and I was wondering something like that the other day when I went to look for the original review. Anyway, this game still sucks. I can't wait to see the IGN review for mega lawlz.


TheColbertinator5387d ago

Even if you polish this piece of garbage up,it is still garbage.PS3 owners,I advise you to not buy this game.I played it on 360 and it is the worst game this generation.You will have nightmares because of crap graphics and the worst code since Superman 64.Beware

heyheyhey5387d ago

WHAT!? hell no, im never buying this piece of crap

earthdome5387d ago

i would give it a 3 though.. downloaded and played the demo.. last-gen graphics.. poor animation.. extreme hard.. what a way to waste my bandwidth and time

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