New remastered MGS4 trailer? Nope.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, Konami has not issued a 'remastered' or enhanced video of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

GamesRadar has spoken to Konami, who informed them that the trailer which appeared on a new MGS site this morning, and which certain aggregate portals, news blogs and websites claim displays new visual effects, is definitely not new. Konami stressed to GamesRadar that it has not released any new footage, and that we won't see anything of MGS4 until E3 2007 in August.

This 'new' footage is simply a recut version of last year's E3 trailer. Smoke effects, particles, melon physics, textures - all of these things are exactly the same in both versions, with not a hint of any retouched effects to be seen. And, anyway, doesn't Konami have better things to do than fiddle around with existing footage?

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sandip7875716d ago

ok im posting first to my own story, but the article also says dont read too much into the fact that there is no PS3 logo, there wasnt one in the TGS trailer either.
just thought id need to tell people that

Babylonian5716d ago

I can't wait for E3, this is my favorite game series of all and I have every game of the series (almost). Hope to see some good info. I also hope that they will make Raiden a playable character in the re-release, I'm still playing Substance VR-missions Ninja Raiden. Don't know why people don't like him, he's awesome.......but Snake is more awesome ofcourse......but then again Raiden is too.......AHHH, they're both cool. Let's just put it at that.

Violater5716d ago

E3 in August??
Someone still has their lines crossed.

rukusa5716d ago

...I believe "E for all" is in August.

sa_nick5716d ago

I somehow missed this trailer (or the first edit of it) last year, so I'm pretty happy someone posted info on it even if its not new.

achira5716d ago

lol, "the ps3 logo is missing", what a joke. this game is ps3 exclusive, believe it or die.

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The story is too old to be commented.