RPGfan : Tales of Vesperia PS3 Import Review

James Quentin Clark writes "On the Xbox 360, Tales of Vesperia was one of the best JRPGs of the latest console generation. On the PS3, it is the best, with more content, better characters, and more fun to be had than even Star Ocean 4 and Disgaea 3. Final Fantasy XIII and the international version of The Last Hope may have a shot at the title, but that remains to be seen. I really hope that Vesperia gets localized and released in the West soon, as it's the most complete package game in the series and a must-have for fans of action RPGs."

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chrisulloa3243d ago

Implying we even care about a game we finished 2 years ago.

CernaML3243d ago

Yes. But you finished it without the more content, better characters and more fun to be had. :)

Wait... who's we? Didn't the game flop hard on the 360?

xaviertooth3243d ago


and people here will believe that you finished that game? let me remind you, in case you forgot, you and your kind only buy shooters. look at TOV sales on the 360.

Obama3242d ago

You probably didn't even buy the game but you bots only get the beta. BETA.

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Troll_Police3243d ago

Bu, bu, bu, but it said "only on Xbox 360" on the box.

ceedubya93243d ago

But people have known for a LONG TIME that this was coming to the PS3, so what are you getting at exactly?

rockleex3243d ago

While PS3 is stealing 360's exclusives.


Lavalamp3243d ago

Words cannot describe how amazing the Tales series is. Words cannot describe how amazing Tales of Vesperia is. Words cannot describe how much I want this to be localized.

Kurisu3243d ago

I've never played any of the games in the "Tales of..." series, but I really want to try this out. Hopefully it will launch in the UK one day.

mastiffchild3243d ago

Von't worry. I was when they failed to announce it for western release but they HAVE had the english voice actors back in for extra scenes as the reports came with everything including eye witness sightings AND Tweets by the cast have convinced me that I did the right thing in waiting on the full PS version.

It's definitely coming to us now, though, and with all the new scenes too it seems that this is,indeed, THE version however crappy that means the 360 owners in Japan get treated.

Whatever, I'm happy enough to say it's going to be over in the west in 2010(summer/autumn).

Cheeseknight283243d ago

I enjoyed the story and characters in Tales of the Abyss a bit better, but so far as graphics and combat are concerned, Vesperia definitely has the edge.

Kira833243d ago

thank you for the glimmer of hope in my otherwise jrpg deprived life. Hopefully we can look forward to a release of Graces shortly after.

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Delta3243d ago

Ok... Great Score. Now can I have a NA release date? Plz....

seifer0853243d ago

announce the US version NOW!

reintype3243d ago

They just don't want this game to be lost in the shuffle, in the Madness that is Q1. I expect this game to come out during Q2 or Q3

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The story is too old to be commented.