What About Tales of The Abyss?

Huzaifah writes: "Now I can’t talk about this game without letting my bias seep into the writing, but trust me when I say that if you’re a fan of the JRPG genre, you need to give Tales of The Abyss a chance."

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FallenAngel1984996d ago

It’d be great if Tales of the Abyss was remastered for modern consoles or even just released as a PS2
Classic on PS4.

PhoenixUp996d ago

“The game does fall into some cliche fantasy tropes over the course of it’s run, which is disappointing, but not a deal breaker in any sense.”

One of the greatest appeals of the Tales series is how various plots that start as cliche as the setting could get but later go on to subvert and deconstruct the very tropes they employ, often by drastically highlighting the nasty downsides of them.

DivineAssault 996d ago

The characters & stories are so entertaining in these.

DivineAssault 996d ago

This was a great game. Vesperia is still my favorite but this one was very good. 3DS version is my favorite. Less loading and the map display is much more convenient. They need to make a tales of collection for the PS4. Itd be cool on switch too but idk how the licensing situation would be for the PS1-PS4/PSP-PSV exclusive entries

ZeroX9876995d ago

Abyss is my favorite one of all! since I can't stand low resolution, I replayed it recently via PCSX2 (I own the original game and system) so the loading times were insanely fast compared to any other version.
I would gladly re-buy it on my PS4 :)

vork77996d ago

i think this game has the best character development in any tales game sense luke goes from a brat rich kid to a true hero is great

Fist4achin995d ago

I want to try Tales of the Abyss, but the only Tales game I tried was Tales of Hearts and I didn't really care for it. Any recommendations?

Razmiran995d ago

Abyss. Vesperia. Symphonia. Xillia. Berseria
Try any of those

Fist4achin995d ago

I will have to try one of those. Thanks