Why You Should be Excited for Tales of Vesperia

A Tales of Vesperia remaster PS4 is finally coming? Here's why you should be getting really excited, especially if you didn't play it the first time.

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gangsta_red217d ago

Hands down the best Tales game in the series. This game officially made me a Tales fan. Glad to see the remaster coming west.

Zeldafan64217d ago

I only have the Symphonia games as reference but I'll definitely pick this up on Switch.

TheGamez100217d ago

The last epic tales game. Why in the world did they move away from the visual style it had and went to the boring and bland style of xillia idk why. Been waiting for this one since the ps3 version release.

Relientk77217d ago

Excited that I finally get to play this one, this time around.

phoenixwing217d ago

this is a great game, the only current tales of games i didn't like are tales of zestiria, the berseria game that came after was great though

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The story is too old to be commented.