An incredibly blatant rip-off of Super Mario Galaxy

One company has created a surprisingly blatant ripoff of Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy, which mimics the same types locations, gameplay, and moves.

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Valay5292d ago

Can see that the Honeyhive Galaxy and Good Egg Galaxy were ripped off in the pictures posted (including a boss).

ia_studio5292d ago

dulubudi star, lol at that stupid name

Montrealien5292d ago

This is as much a rip off as the countless super mario 3 clones that where made.

vhero5292d ago

and every single futuristic shooter is a ripoff of doom.

PinkUni5292d ago

ripping off one of the best games and making it available for people who only have pcs

oh wait...

Trebius5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

If they wanted they could TAKE our sh1t...

shawnsl655291d ago

uh... what does the US have to do with this? They're stealing from NINTENDO. Do you even know who Super Mario is?

Trebius5290d ago

They have a fake disneyland over there, I meant they can take disneyland from us if they wanted to, they've lent us trillions.

Sorry, you sound like you got offended...chill out buddy.

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Godmars2905292d ago

Boy, the Chinese making a blatant rip-off of something foreign that they've either restricted or outright banned in their own boarders.

Go figure...

primesuspect5292d ago

Intellectual property means absolutely nothing to them; either culturally OR legally.

This is about as surprising as reading a headline "China harbors Wow gold farmers!"