Beautiful Katamari - hands-on

Three years ago the world was treated to a deviously simple idea that erupted into a worldwide gaming phenomenon - roll a sticky ball over stuff until it grows so large that it usurps everything from ants to clouds to islands. Since that fateful introduction, the Katamari series has seen a new game each year and commanded a strong, faithful audience despite each release handling just like its predecessor. So what's all the excitement about then? How can people consistently go crazy about a tiny prince rolling up objects into massive spheres of junk? Because it's so effing weird, that's why.

Beautiful Katamari continues the utter madness of the tiny Prince gobbling up people, dogs, thumbtacks, elephants, cars, cruisers and hurricanes, but now it's in super-pretty high-definition. And honestly, that's the biggest change you're going to see when it comes to gameplay. This totally off the wall idea is intent on sticking to its roots and offering more of the same for die-hard fans who love to read the wacky dialogue and jam out to the series' exceptionally groovy soundtrack.

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snoop_dizzle4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

the last one was definetly a funny game, and i liked the fact of its simplicity.

Hopefully they improve on the last

techie4750d ago

certainly looks interesting

AcidRhain4750d ago

The online versus mode sounds like a good addition.