GameFocus Review: MX vs ATV Reflex

GameFocus writes: "I'm not a bike fanatic in real life but I've become acquainted to the MX/ATV series on many occassions since back in 2005. Back in the glory days of the Playstation 2, ATV Quad Fury was one of my favorite games but after MX Unleashed was introduced, and soon after merged with the ATV franchise, my interest shifted towards other racing titles. While my time with Untamed two years ago was well spent, changes and tunings were needed to bring the franchise to the next level since I never felt like the series had yet to make the leap to next generation gaming. Not only does MX vs ATV Reflex address most of my complaints and answer the wishes I had for the dirt bike racing genre but it also exceeds my expectations to the point where my interest has suddenly skyrocketed."

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