Kill the rumor, next GoW will still be an Xbox 360 exclusive

If you follow gaming news, you can't get away from it. Countless rumors and speculation all hoping to see the Xbox 360 blockbuster title war over to the PS3. It's not going to happen so let's kill the rumor. Here's why.

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blitz06235323d ago

I seriously thought it was God of War. They need new abbreviations. I thought God of War is the original GoW??

Gandalf5323d ago

How many times do we have to go through this?

LordMarius5323d ago

GoW = God of War
Geow = Geometry Wars
Gears = Gears of War

itsralf5323d ago

i also hate how God of War and Gears of War are both abbreviated as GOW.
messes me up every time... i saw the title and was like, whaa? >.<

Megaton5323d ago

GoW = God of War
Gears = Gears of War

Few stragglers still left behind mixing it up from time to time.

Feral Gamer5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

Only an idiot would get Gears of War and God of War confused. It's simple if you read the context. Quit being stupid.

Xi5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

MGS = Microsoft game studios
MeGS = metal gear solid... ?

I mean what's our demarcation for these specific abbreviations?

Ravage275323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

i thought they were entertaining the absurd idea of God of War coming out for the 360......well the xbox fans can keep this one, we have better 3rd person shooters - Uncharted 1 & 2

AKNAA5323d ago

Is this just his assumption?? cause after skimming through the article I might have missed the part where EPIC states that the next gears will be a MS xbox exclusive game still?!

Anyway, can't wait for GOW to come out in march on the PS3!!

Consoldtobots5323d ago

whew Im glad somebody finally came out and made an effort to stop this internet frenzy over gears going multiplat. /s

barom5323d ago

Well if MS is hiring developers to support Epic with the next Gears. It does sound a bit logical that it would stay exclusive. It is still a theory I guess but it does have some ground.

Final_Rpg5323d ago

dude, one's a game studio the other is a game. They are completely different beings therefore can share the same abbreviation. They aren't from the same category, Gears of War and God of War are.

rockleex5323d ago (Edited 5323d ago )

"MGS = Microsoft game studios
MeGS = metal gear solid... ?"


1. Metal Gear Solid came out in 1998 and people have been calling it MGS since. Microsoft Game Studios were just created in 2002.

2. One is a game and the other is a game studio.

3. God of War came out on the PS2 in 2005 and was called GoW by people and the media for more than a year before Gears of War came out on the 360 in 2006.

4. We can call each game whatever we like. But the majority of people associate MGS with Metal Gear Solid, GoW with God of War, and Gears with Gears of War.

For example... MJ could stand for Mick Jagger, Michael Jordan, etc. But the majority of people use it as an acronym for Michael Jackson.

Sarcasm5323d ago

Who even says it's going to the 360, my guess is the next GeOW will be a Xbox 3 exclusive!

Guido5322d ago

Do we need journalists writing articles about silly fanboy rumors that we all know will never come true? I can see ME2 coming to PS3 (very unlikely however) but Gears? Never. That has been and will forever be an Xbox 360 exclusive... (and PC).

gaffyh5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

@1.6 - The demarcation is whatever abbreviation is older. GOW = God of War, because it was the original. MGS = Metal Gear Solid, because it was the original.

Gears of War is GeOW or Gears, but you can still figure it out from the context, it's just annoying to have more than one game using the same acronym.

theEnemy5322d ago

here's another one, but it doesn't concern Gears though..


pixelsword5322d ago (Edited 5322d ago )

When it goes to the PC (which was the rumor) it will no longer be exclusive to the 360. A PC isn't a 360, so exclusiveness will be lost; that's what exclusive means.

I almost feel the need to shoot this article down, as it's creating news, not reporting it with much accuracy.

Xgamerzus5322d ago

Who cares UT3 mods has Marcus Phoenix and the Cole train ,you can kill them all day!!!
Plus if anyone has the balls to actually make a simple linear level and call it gears on UT3 do it!!!!!
Unreal engine is there for you!!WHo needs Epic!
But as far as im concerned Gears can be on PS3 and easilly beat the original if Epic knows their ASMP GPU Cell GPU code.
But do they??

Xgamerzus5322d ago

Also Ever heard of Quantum Theory!!!
If these guys go out and get help from insomniac and others and learn how to leverage the power of PS3 this game might perhaps equal the efforts of GeOW

BUt at what cost?? who's funding this game if at all??
Im just hoping the game is just as good; and im betting it will be!!!
Massive bosses please !!and amazing cinematics!!!!! and variety of gameplay scenarios (drving tanks and aircraft and bombing missions, on creatures, would make it icing on the cage..GOOD luck Quantum theory!!!
Take it to GeOw!!!!adn M$!!!!!!!!!!


vhero5322d ago

The reasoning on the article is flawed though the reason people think its going multi-platform though is because Epic only have a2 game deal and going multi-platform isn't abandoning your market like the article states that's just a stupid, stupid thing to say if anything its expanding it. What a pointless article by a fanboy who s scared yet another exclusive will no longer be just that. Until we hear something from Epic we don't know anything. I think by now they would have come out and deny multi-platform though.

D4RkNIKON5322d ago

Xbox fans need this game so we can't take it. Without it they only have HALO 1, 2, 3, Halo wars, ODST and soon enough REACH. All those games!

I_LOVE_MYSELF5322d ago

GoW = Gears of War
GodOW = God of War


IaMs125322d ago

Im sorry but for those who got this mixed up with God of War, open your eyes! Theres a picture!

Mr Logic5322d ago

Let's just start with the fact that I think Gears will remain MS exclusive.

But IMO this makes no Logical sense whatsoever.

"Rein wanted everyone to know that Gears of War 3 will be on the software giant's flagship console. Why? Because it don't make sense to jump ship, leave behind millions of fans and start afresh with a new base in the same generation."

IF and that's a big IF, Gears were to come to PS3 who came up with the idea that it would abandon the 360?