Need for Speed Carbon Hands-on

EA's Need for Speed series is currently one of the longest running in all of gaming, and for good reason. Year after year and iteration after iteration, the series has brought the hottest and most recent trends in racing to gamers everywhere, and the newest title in the series, Need for Speed Carbon, is no different.

From what EA tells us (and we'll trust them as our rusty Ford Pintos are not exactly ready for competition), street racing has essentially divided into two distinct factions. Being that it's highly illegal, some street racers have shifted to sanctioned races, competitions set up legally on safe tracks. Some racers, however, have taken their sport outside city walls, continuing to defy the law but pushing the boundaries of what any sane person would consider safe even further than before.

Gamer136171d ago

This will be a buy for me, every year the game looks hotter and better which i like.