OXM: 14 unachievable Achievements

There are "impossible" Achievements, like making it out of Mass Effect 2 on Insanity with all crew mates alive and kicking, and then there are genuinely impossible Achievements, their Gamerscore riches put beyond mortal hands by some quirk of technology.

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WolfLeBlack3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I have the strangest urge to go and attempt this Achievements now, despite the fact the article informed me that some of them can't actually be obtained.


Akth8r3420d ago

Good Luck friend. Hopefully at the end of your journey you are still sane and safe.

WolfLeBlack3420d ago

Thank you for your kind words, sir. I undertake this joureny not for myself, but for all of humanity!

But mostly for myself.

3dawg3420d ago

7. Chromehounds

All of them (860G)

Servers getting turned off is a common thing. But with Chromehounds, a whopping 860G are no longer available. Listen. Listen to that whopping sound. That's Chromehounds, literally whopping.

good luck my brother. lemme know how this goes. :)

gcolley3420d ago

you just like typing "whopping"

admiralvic3419d ago

I had the Dark Void one xD

MrBeatdown3420d ago

I just finished getting all the trophies in Crysis 2. There was one that required you to play online, then play online six months later. But it didn't unlock for me, or a ton of other people. Then for some reason it unlocked for a ton of people including me, on January 1st.

Then there was another trophy for unlocking all the weapons in multiplayer that glitches for a lot of people. And that was after they patched a problem that prevented you from getting unlock credits so you could actually unlock the weapons.

Funny that for a studio that could accomplish what they did with graphics, they couldn't get the achievements right.

NoobJobz3420d ago

The only one of those I've experienced is the Cars Race o Rama. Everyone I know was stuck at 900/1000.

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