A Look Back: The Entire Need for Speed Series - DualShockers

Scott Lipowitz of takes a trip back, and goes through all major console releases of the long running Need for Speed series. From Road and Track Presents: The Need for Speed, through Porsche Unleashed and Most Wanted, to The Run, he takes a look at all the core games in the series. Well, also Shift 2, which was technically a Need for Speed game.

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aksmashh3486d ago

1)Most Wanted

Laxman3486d ago

I concur.

Would really love to see the next NFS as Underground 3 or Most Wanted 2. Dont get me wrong, I still find the new games enjoyable, but the racing/customisation/cars in those earlier ones were perfect for what Need for Speed was and would be awesome to experince again.

morkendo3486d ago

In my opinion best need for speed was HIGHSTAKES,HOTPURSUIT 2,UNDERGROUND rest are flops!! besides mostwanted.

BuffMordecai3486d ago

Most Wanted is definitely my favorite. It was also the last good NFS that included split-screen; stupid that that dropped that feature in the newer ones.

killerhog3486d ago

Ea made shift 2 free for iPad and iPod. Downloaded it yesterday and am highly enjoying it.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )


EA...those murderers!!

ArcticFox3486d ago

I'm not quite sure that the Need for Speed series is dead. We aren't that far removed from the new Hot Pursuit, and I think that the Run had some promising elements. If we can get a free roaming city the size of Midnight Club LA's with all the different environments and some Underground style customization, with the background and exciting boss races and police chases of Most Wanted, and maybe the exciting events of the Run like the avalanche race, the series could be amazing again. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, EA and Black Box have not done that.

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