OTTG Over Look: MAG Beta

OTTG writes: "Okay it may not be the full Massive Action Game but you can get a clear idea of what it is going to be like. Unless having 256 players really makes this go into a hyper state where people rain down from the skies."

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WildArmed3672d ago

MAG private beta was great. Had alot of fun. The game has seem to improved leaps and bounds since then.
Imo, this will be a great game for 'organized' gaming. Clans, etc etc.

But for solo-play, You'll feel lonely fast. Few of my friends used to stick together and play.. But once they stopped MAG-ing. I stopped too.

Nevertheless, cant wait for Jan for MAG :)
Gotta love the infinite sprint thou lol.

raztad3672d ago

I love how xbox fans over look PS3 games :D

Guy can't make a kill to save his life, literally. LOL

Ps_alm3k3672d ago

the old build, it's graphics has improve now.