New MotorStorm Screens

Developed by Evolution Studios, MotorStorm is currenty scheduled to be a launch title for the PS3. Evolution Studios today released 5 new screenshots of the game

specialguest6520d ago

base on the videos and screens I've seen so far, this game looks very promising in terms of gameplay. I'll be looking for to it's official review once its out.

Gamer136520d ago

When im buying my PS3 ill be getting this game at the same time.

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6520d ago

The game looks like an PS2 game with out the jaggies. Can't wait for GROR for the 360.

zypher6520d ago (Edited 6520d ago )

okay, i'm starting to see some resemblance to the 2005 E3 demo Sony showed. still not quite there yet, but as good as any reasonable gamer could expect. can't wait to see more on this as it develops. it just MAY become a launch-day go, along with Heavenly Sword, Lair and Resistance.

Sidherich6520d ago

They seem to have overhauled the motion blur filter which is a thing that was pretty distracting on the last batch of pictures. I find it odd tho that only the back tires on the fourth picture are producing a trace and on the third picture there are no traces at all. The dust on picture one needs some work too i think. Other than that it looks very good

achira6520d ago

i think anyone can see how the screens improve from time to time, i think the small problems you mentioned will be fixed in the final game.

jwatt6520d ago

This game keeps looking better and better, I see they added more color and more detail. Graphically and gameplay wise Motorstorm is looking more identical to the E3 trailer. This looks very exciting.

andy capps6520d ago

Looking much better, the motion blur is still overdone for me and I would prefer to see more of the individual mud particles than what looks like dust clouds to me. Maybe this is just the screenshots, who knows.. but looking better.