Don't Blame Namco For Lag In Tekken 6. Blame The Technology writes:

Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada recently sat down for an interview with Kotaku. In it he says:

Harada is candid, perhaps unintentionally, about Tekken 6's substandard netcode. "Fighting games aren't really tailored to online play at the moment because of the lag," he said. "But as technology evolves and the infrastructure gets better, and you have much less latency, perhaps that kind of participation - whether that be avatars watching or whatever - can be recreated."

So the technology's to blame? Well, Mr. Harada, why didn't you say as much in your Game Pro interview back in April?

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Sonyslave33675d ago

Damn all their fighting games lag like hell Soul Caliber 4 and now Tekken.

saint_john_paul_ii3675d ago

Someone at Sony or Microsoft need to show these noobs how a fighting game is done when it comes to online Multiplayer.

Saaking3675d ago

Blame the technology. Are they implying "something" held the game back?

reintype3675d ago

I dislike devs who don't man up, and take responsibility for their work. It is very unprofessional.

Namco has been one of my favorite devs last gen, but just like SE, whatever esteem I may hold for them back then, is now quickly vanishing and being replaced by apathy.

Winter47th3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

BlazeBlue has the best netcoding ever. I could easily play with somebody in Japan and the online's as smooth as it can be.

Don't blame Technology. Blame your ancient lack of talent. If I was his boss I'd tell him to find a cardboard box & push his things in it.

vhero3675d ago

Wow talk about making excuses..

Dragun6193675d ago

Thats total BS. Maybe Namco you shouldn't have focused so much on Scenario Campaign over Online or even spend development time to port it to Xbox360. Hell, Tekken 5:DR had a better netcode along with the fact SF4, BB& SC4 played great online.

Psh..blaming technology, what a half ass excuse. Haven't Namco been working on the PS3 in which their own Arcade machines a based off of. I'd say Namco was just dumb with tekken 6, focusing more on SC and less focus on online resulting in a poor netcode. Everyone knows that online is important feature in fighting games.

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NateNater3675d ago

Nope. I still blame Namco for this. If shooting games with dozens of players playing at the same time online can do it well, then why can't a game with 2 players playing simultaneously online do it just as good?

Sprudling3675d ago

I also blame Namco - they could have done better since we've seen it in other fighters, but your argument is a bad one.

Shooters use a technique called clientside prediction to "hide" the latency and this works well in this genre. For fighters there are no tricks they can use.

Clientside prediction:

DrRobotnik3675d ago

Hell, Dead or Alive handled it smoothly years ago on the original xbox. Technology my ass.

Stryfeno23675d ago

but, but but don't blame PSN its Namco servers.

PirateThom3675d ago

Isn't the game laggy on 360 as well?

Have they fixed Gears 2 yet?

4point7BillionLoss3674d ago


18 months behind xbox Live ....

Play Behind you stupid droids !!!!

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