A batch of new Tekken 6 screens

A new batch of Tekken 6 screen shots have been released! Most of the screens have already been seen in past Arcadia Magazine articles and the latest Tekken 6 Famitsu Magazine feature, but there are a few new shots including new screens that detail the new character's costumes.

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Bhai4159d ago

Really appreciate this news post...I'm a huge fighting genre fan and
I've been keeping my eyes on this title a lot, a Tekken draught has
been felt by me in a whole month past so anything direct-feed would do.
This one is a good deal,a bit low-res but good for now !

TnS4159d ago

You are welcome. :)

sajj3164159d ago

it doesn't look like the leap to the 'next-gen' I was looking for. Even if the 'look' isn't next-gen, I would like to know what gameplay mechanics they've added to make this series fresh again.

Babylonian4159d ago

The game is only 40% done. As far as the gameplay mechanics, they will rock just as the previous titles. Best fighting game ever.

kingboy4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

These screens could still represent the Arcade version..oh well i guess official ones would clear things up

Edit is reporting them as arcade screens only

MK_Red4159d ago

Tekken 3 for PSone and Tekken 4 for PS2 were graphically superb but T6 for PS3 doens't look as hot as older ones. It looks too much like DOA4 and VF5.

Bhai4159d ago

...they were not the first Tekkens on either consoles:

1. Tekken 3 was the 3rd Tekken game on PS1, launched after over 2 years
of PS1 launched.

2. Tekken 4 was also not the first Tekken game on PS2. Tekken Tag
Tournament was the first Tekken game on PS2...and while it was
delightful to look at, the first truly beautiful and 3D Tekken on PS2
came 2-1/2 years later after system's launch, in the form of Tekken 4.

So, similarly,

3. Tekken 6 is just the first iteration of Tekken series on a next-gen
machine. You are true that it is not all that compelling, its because
it has been the case in the past-gens also. Its also true that DOA-4
is also not compelling at all and looks just like DOA-Ultimate. Only
Virtua Fighter 5 made the true next-gen leap !!!

nice_cuppa4159d ago

anybody else notice that !

i think because of the poor vf5 sales on ps3 !

kamakazi4159d ago

the hell you say!!! rumors in xbox magazines, all they will get is rumors.

TheMART4159d ago

Oh kamakazi


Virtua Tennis 3
Assassins Creed
Fatal Inertia

and more games wouldn't come over to the 360? Namco Bandai has brought more games to XBOX, and Tekken 6 will be on the 360 also

MySwordIsHeavenly4159d ago

You always amaze me with ignorance...

So, you're saying you are excited for Bladestorm and Fatal Inertia??? The only game on that list we THOUGHT wouldn't go multi-platform was DMC4. It was an upset for me especially. It's's a series that destroys EVERY OTHER action game out there. Then, I hear it's coming out for the one console in HISTORY I refuse to buy. Yeah, I was pissed. Don't get me wrong...the 360's a good system...but...what did it bring to gaming besides better graphics? That's what pisses me off. I don't respect the Xbox division of Microsoft at ALL! They're spineless d1cks that steal ideas and pay off people to win a war that should be fought with innovation and NOT money.

...and you like guys...haha.

Uganda644159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

They said that about Tekken 5 going to Xbox as well. Hmmm...
Yeah, shup the hell up about PS3 third party games. At least PS3 has big third party exclusives that stay exclusive, 360 has none, especially not as big as Tekken or FFXIII or MGS4, none of which are ever going to 360.

Oh, and Mart:
Assassin's Creed was a 360 exclusive lost to PS3
Virtua Tennis 3 never exclusive to anything
GTA4 never exclusive to anything

Only DMC4, VF5 and Koei's sh*t was exclusive to PS3.

And depending on your definition- i.e. do you want to make it look like 360 has more exclusives by excluding PC as a platform or make it seem like 360 didn't lost as many 'exclusives' by your precedents (Bioshock, Timeshift, Crossfire, Kane & Lynch)
360 has lost about that much that.
Eternal Sonata
Enchanted Arms
Vampire Rain
Off the top of my head.

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the game if on 180 will look like paper mario, for n64

dominusbellum4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

some pretty stupid comments but that probably tops them all wow how blind can you possibly be

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