Graphics Comparison: God of War Collection Vs. Originals

The most notable aspect of the $39.99 God of War Collection is that the graphics have been re-mastered with anti-aliasing effects -- and now run at 720p at 60 frames-per-second.

That sounds great, but is the difference worth the money if you already own both games? Judge for yourself with these comparison shots between the original and re-mastered versions of the God of War Collection.

lagoonalight5222d ago

Wowie Zowee! This is going to rock. The differences are like night and day in certain shots. Thank the lord for some AA. 4x would have been even better but I'll take what I can get at 60fps. This game is really going to show it's strength in motion. Wonderful.

Cwalat5222d ago

I have but one question;

Why the hell not make these available for PS-store?

ReservoirDog3165222d ago

That's actually a good question.

Another good question: Should that picture really be allowed? Like really?

raztad5222d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Looks really really good. This Collection is meant to be mine day one. It doesnt hurt it got GoW3 demo access bundled.

prunchess5222d ago

Playing the GOW 3 demo last night. really looking forward to playing all three again.

sikbeta5221d ago

3 Consecutive GOW at time = Too much for a human, but It Really Worth

HammockGames5221d ago

@ Raz & Prunch

The GoW demo is absolutely breathtaking, especially if you have a HD TV (I got my Amazon code a few days ago for preordering - the demo alone would have made it worth every penny).

After playing the GoW 3 demo and seeing remastered screenshots of the first 2 games I may just have to pick up the collection too.

O2_Addict5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Other than being too light, it's about the same as the original only at a much higher resolution. In porting to the PS3 they've retained the bump-mapping from the original, which is good. The way the PS2 did bump-mapping was completely different (used programmable vector units and EDRAM rather than the GPU) so they would have had to reengineer that aspect of it.

It's amazing how good even the PS2 version looks. The lighting was so sophisticated for it's time.

lagoonalight5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

Actually if you look at it the blacks are slightly crushed in the original shots. Just dial down your brightness setting one or two and you have what you want. It in no way will hinder anything. I play on a dell lcd so my blacks are always slightly crushed and bright lol but I will be getting one of those LED LCD's next year all is good. The detail that was put back into this game is amazing. Or rather it was there just not realized. GoW2 seriously looks like a first generation PS3 game LOFL.

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Hanif-8765222d ago

Yeah, i think its worth the buy!

-Alpha5222d ago

I don't really care. I never played God of War (they never worked on my fatty PS2) so I never got the chance to play the original copies. So, the graphics wont matter to me. Their touched up in HD? Good, even better for me.

This game can be the opening for Sony to take advantage of re-releasing PS2 classics. Since they don't seem to be offering them as DLC on the PSN Store this is a good alternative. The budget price, owning them as physical media, and remastering them in HD + trophies is a smart move for some easy cash...

San Andreas and Shadow of the Colossus next please.

DaTruth5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

What was wrong with your fatty PS2? Just wondering because mine is 9 years old and I can still play them on it.

Actually, I never even tried GOW2 on my PS2, because I only played it on my PS3 even before they added upscaling to PS3. Which actually kind of blurred it and it was hard to tell which looked better!

BLuKhaos5221d ago

He was probably trying to play a bad pirate copy because even my 7 year old phatty could play the game, pirated or original.

-Alpha5221d ago

Truth, my Fatty just wouldnt run it for some reason. I went online and found out that this was a problem with older models. I assume that this was the problem.

Stupid PS3's dont have backwards compatibility which made me think I would never experience GoW but this collection edition is just the cure I was looking for.

And no I didnt have a pirated copy-- I thought I had a bad copy of the games so I kept returning and trading with Best Buy 3 times before I gave up

theEnemy5222d ago

the tits.

Can't wait till release.

BulletBtweenUrEyes5222d ago

Hey GOW Collection You will be mine in less than 2wks. God of War was probably the game I could get my gf to play she loves her some kratos. Now come on Rockstar bring on GTA Collection in hd+trophies. I would happily drop $59.99 on that.