God of War 3 : 20 Minutes of Gameplay (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "Check out this 20 minute video in full HD 720p for the recently God of War III E3 Demo released this week on PSN."

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3454d ago
Socomer 19793454d ago

I think its the most violent game i ever played and I played them all.
During the demo i was speechless and in awe. Then I started screaming and rooting for kratos!

Dude, now that you are a ps3 gamer do me a favor okay.
Be careful how much you talk about God Of War 3. We dont want anything cut out in the final version so keep this game in your close circles. Thats how hardcore we roll yo!

sgd3163454d ago

great looks pretty damn cool.

jazzking20013454d ago

WHY OH WHY will it take so long for GoW3 to come out >.<

strybe3454d ago

Fantastic demo. Spent a lot of time with it a few days ago and it's amazing! Can't wait for the full game!

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