Xbox Gaming: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

Xbox Gaming writes: "I have one vivid memory of the original Operation Flashpoint which burns brightly in my mind. The memory of being cut off from my squad, lost in a forest, with an enemy tank searching for me. In my recollection of the event I scurried from tree to tree for maybe half an hour, praying for a gap so that I could make a break for the safety of the hills. I'd like to say that I found an opening and made a run for it, but in reality the tank spotted me as I hid under a bush, and loosed one fatal round in my direction. It was with this memory that I approached the new Operation Flashpoint with respectful caution. Was it going to offer that same level of intensity that left me sweating and fearing for my life? Or would Codemasters take the original formula and dumb it down to appeal to a larger demographic?."

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