Operation Flashpoint franchise "shifted more than" 3.5m copies

Codemasters is taking the time to pat Operation Flashpoint on the back especially as "until Dragon Rising," the series was "almost exclusively on PC".

Dragon Rising "opened the eyes of console gamers" to what shooters can be, boasted Codies. Operation Flashpoint: Red River retails April 21st.

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chak_2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

And it was utter crap.

At least it didn't deserve the OpFlash name.

MysticStrummer2765d ago

I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite it's problems. Looking forward to Red River.

Trunkz Jr2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

The game should of just been called Dragon Rising. The name OFP shouldn't be used in such a trash game that can't even let you do jets and many other things that made the original great (ArmA series still better for AI co-op also)

Codemasters promised so much and didn't deliver, really who releases a PC game without CD keys so that pirates can play with payed copies lool

I no longer follow any OFP name, I'll look forward for ArmA3 anyday.

Stealth20k2765d ago

sales dont equal quality. When it comes to shooters its about generic braindead buyers

dragonyght2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

no wonder there sequel hope they get every thing right this time around

bozebo2765d ago

Can they release something that isn't ABSOLUTELY RIDDLED with bugs?

Seriously, if the next one is too buggy I will take it up with the consumer rights bureau for my money back (we can do that because it's not a steam release). I had high hopes for dragon rising but it was completely unplayable: hence not fit for purpose (as it is a game, and couldn't be played without it messing-up/bugging-out continuously and spoiling any possible chance of entertainment)

Codemasters shouldn't be releasing such a broken game, maby they will prove their competence with Red River.

MysticStrummer2765d ago

Completely unplayable, yet I played it and finished it solo. Interesting. I thought the interface was very unwieldy but that was really my only glaring complaint. Voice commands would be sweet. The AI was really good sometimes and braindead at other times, but that's nothing unusual. I'm talking about the console version also. I have no idea what sort of problems the PC version had. I hate PC gaming. Been there, done that, no thanks.

gman_2972765d ago


You realize Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising isn't the only OpFlash game, right?? There was another game made by the people that made ArmA and ArmA II called Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

It was the original game, before Codemasters decided they'd start handling the franchise's development. Aside from AI issues, I'd say the game was pretty good. And you can't say "GRAFX SUKK" cause it was rendering a whole game world at one time, not a small map.

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