PSychic Gamers: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

R834 and The_Stacked_Nerd review 2009 tactical FPS Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.
The_Stacked_Nerd: "My first impressions of this game were rather, let’s say, enthusiastic. The box was detailed and explosive – what I generally look for in a FPS – and the story was set in the modern day, something I generally appreciate as there are normally a range of great weapons to be tested.Once we started playing it, however, I realised that it was, in my opinion, utter rubbish."

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TLG19913409d ago

a bit late don't ya think

R8343409d ago

Yeah - we're reviewing a whole backlog of games we own to add content to our site, which only opened on 2nd April.

sp1deynut3408d ago

...but that's not a good enough excuse for wasting bandwidth on reviews of old, crappy games. Since you're so new, your reviews/opinions are meaningless and irrelevant anyway, as you haven't built a rep yet. Starting out regurgitating old info, about old games that nobody cares about, isn't going to help you.

Write some original articles, review what's new, preview what's know, like a normal gaming site.

iamgoatman3408d ago


Who gives a shit what you think? He can do what he wants, it's his bandwidth.

Maybe next time you see one of his articles show a little self restraint and don't click on it.

And he may be new, but you haven't exactly been here a great length of time either.

R8343408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )


Come on, that's a bit harsh.

I'm only "wasting bandwidth" on my site.

And your statement about having "meaningless and irrelevant" opinions is paradoxical: I can't write good articles because I have no rep, but I can't build up a rep because I don't have any articles... o_O

I'm not regurgitating anything - this is the first time my review for this game has been posted anyway, and I posted it to my site, which, as I previously said, is less than a week old.

I did write an (arguably) original article earlier this week, which ended up as Today's Hottest.

And, as a guy who is not currently receiving any income from the site, I would have to have a large amount of money sitting around to be able to buy enough brand new games to fill your review quota.

And properly previewing what's coming is difficult when I have no way of personally playing upcoming games, so I would just be "regurgitating" other the opinions of other people who have played those upcoming games.

"Normal" gaming sites like, say, IGN, make a lot of money from their site, so have enough money to hire writers and buy in games, and they have such a large reputation that games developers send them their games to review.

As a small site by just two people, getting no money from the site, I think that's going to be difficult.

But thanks anyway.

MysticStrummer3408d ago

Wow. The only good thing about reading this review was that I know not to trust your site for reviews. Ever. While the game had some issues, it's clear that you attempted to play a sim style game as just another Call of Duty clone. I wish I could have been there to ridicule whoever played it. While the UI sucked balls, I got used to it and was able to use my team effectively. The game is clearly made for co-op play, but the AI is plenty good enough if used properly. All in all, I thought Dragon Rising didn't quite live up to it's potential, but it's hardly as bad as this review makes it sound. I'm looking forward to the sequel in a couple of months.

R8343408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

A review is just an opinion, and in this particular review, you have the opinion of two people. In my personal opinion, there were still many points that needed to be refined.

Prior to this, I had played only one Call of Duty game - World at War. I played Dragon Rising shortly after playing WaW, which is why I attempted to use the CoD control scheme.

I did not, however, try and use Call of Duty tactics. I'd played the Dragon Rising demo on PC quite a bit, so I knew roughly what to do. I snuck around, keeping to cover as much as I could and only died when I reached the section I talked about, after I'd travelled 1.8km on foot.

And I *was* there to ridicule The_Stacked_Nerd, as we were using the PSN text chat feature while playing at the same time.

From what I have personally experienced, the AI is incredibly dumb.

But, as I said at the end of my article, I will persevere and continue to play this game.

I'm sorry you did not like this article. :(