Warhawk Down

Brian Crecente of Kotaku reports:

"I love Warhawk, I love it so much that I continue to play it despite the fact that the beta has a major and, I'm sure temporary, bug.

For some reason, Warhawk has been randomly freezing up for people. Either this results in you getting booted out of the game, or in your entire PS3 freezing up and you having to reboot. But this is a Beta and that's sort of the point isn't it, to find bugs.

So I and everyone else in the Beta seem to love the game so much that we will, like junkies, put up with just about anything to get our fix, no matter how short-lived it is..."

sonarus6210d ago

Ur not alone bro. i love it too lol. This is gonna be one of favourite online shooters mos def.

fenderputty6210d ago

I love flying the warhawks with the sixaxis. Banking a hard turn around some canyon wall to avoid missile lock is flat out exhilarating.

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sonarus6210d ago

umbagumba. wat a way 2 to off point. I mean this post is about war hawk being a great game i have played the beta and it is possibly the funnest experience i have had playing a shooter online and this includes halo(not a big fan of online shooters only played resistance twice online) I mean you got planes you got jeeps u got tanks and am havin a whole lot of fun using these. I personally think this game is gonna sell ps3 consoles. I for 1 will be recommending PS3's to my friends jst because of this game. I felt reluctant to do so in the past with the weak line up

kingholmes6210d ago

Man thanks a million for posting Ps3 stuff,fact,info ect the 360 post start to over run i was geting mad Thanks again man.Cant wait for warhawk.Is the disc vs of warhawk comeing with a headset or is that socom?

techie6210d ago

thanks :) no prob. Been taking a break recently.

hella whip6210d ago

The disc version of Warhawk comes with the headset

Bebedora6210d ago

Spot on and seldom if ever leaning to flame or anything. (Never seen anyways) Just right to the meat so to speak. Thank you, deep.

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bung tickler6210d ago

have any of you played battlefield 2: modern combat? thats all this is... trust me go out and rent it or buy it for $20.

masterg6210d ago

It looks nothing like it.. I've played Battlefield MC forever and this looks much more fun and interesting...

Plus I personally like 3rd person better than 1st persons shooters.

Merovee6210d ago

Plays nothing like it either.

Xi6210d ago

Like how they said lair and heavenly sword weren't living up to expectations... I love how some people pick and choose what they want to listen to.

techie6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

You talking about me? I rarely post from Kotaku. Whether good or bad. We're short of news today so I posted this "bad" news article about Warhawk being down. And I just posted a forza review, some bioshock images and a tomb raider review. So are you just selectively looking? Ps. The HS and Lair articles were posted werent they.

You prefer bad news? How about "Devil May Cry 4 Delayed Until 2008"
"Half-Life 2 Black Box Cancelled", "NPD April Results Just Released: DS sells 5 times more than PS3", "Rumour: Incognito and Sony to split ways after Warhawk", "No plans for Euro PSN cards, says Sony"

Or do you prefer non ps3 news? "Microsoft dates trio for Europe", "PGR4: Rain Trailer in HD", "Gametrailers: Halo 3 Killing Spree footage", "Game Head: Halo 3 Special", "Two Worlds preview", "Naruto Rises to the Challenge", "Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Update Tomorrow", "A myriad of the best Halo 3 Beta screenshots", "Halo 3 Developer Walkthrough and Film Sharing Feature", "Halo 3 beta code reveals new armor, achievements", "Bioshock: New Ingame Images", "Forza Motorsport 2 Review", "BioWare talk about Mass Effect", "DiRT Demo Skids Onto Live and PC"

Sorry to have disappointed you

*edit* "We're short of news today" - and since when is this good news? "Warhawk Down"...showing he cant enjoy it because of a bug which resets his ps3. WHy did I post a Tomb Raider Anniversary review? Why did I post Bioshock images and upload all of them for the site? You're digging.

Xi6210d ago

if you rarely post from kotaku why this?

VirtualGamer6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

I love the fact you have submitted nothing for news to this site but you want to complain about someone who has contributed tons of news and not just for the PS3. If you have a problem with what people are submitting for news then why don't you submit it yourself and STFU.

Xi6210d ago

but when a person who choses to support the site with a lot of it's information(which deep does) I expect him to be fair and unbias on the news he choses to post. This obviously isn't the case.

VirtualGamer6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

First off there is no rule that says you have to be fair or balanced about the news you contribute. If I am a PS3 fan and only want to submit positive news then that's mine or anyone elses right.

If you don't think its balance then you can do something about it and submit news you feel helps to balance the situation. Thats your right. Complaining about what a person submits is childish and especially so when all one has to do is look at what Deep has submitted recently.

- Halo 3 beta code reveals new armor, achievements
- Warhawk Down
- Tomb Raider: Anniversary UK Review
- Bioshock: New Ingame Images
- Forza Motorsport 2 Review

If that's not unbias posting I don't know wtf is and for you to keep on insisting its not unbiased only makes you look foolish. Especially since this very report focuses on a big bug that is causing the Warhawk beta to crash or freeze up systems.

techie6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

"ignored the other stuff" I still dont get it XI. There is NO OTHER STUFF on Kotaku that hasn't been posted? ALl I can see is "Day O Tattoos", some cartoon, something about a desk, madden on Wii. I'm really confused at what you're implying. I showed you my sumbmissions and how they are broad? And so I'm not allowed to post a good news article?


Do you not like all the news I've brought to this site? The on average 18 news stories I bring a day, ranging from Halo to Uncharted. I post on everything and anything I can find which I feel is useful for the site. "Halo 3 beta code reveals new armor, achievements" - what do you want from me Xi?

I have other committments at the moment, so my submissions have not been so frequent...but still you are talking to the wrong guy Xi. My news posts are broad and always will be for the next 2 weeks.

Thanks VG.

gunnar29066210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

I own both consoles. Even more I got a Wii too. We got all consoles officialy released here in Russia, but not X360. So I enjoy it being afraid everytime that I can be banned cuz I input not existing London address cuz I cannot be registered as a Russian user. And my friends too.
I cannot get why every good news regarding PS3 cannot be taken calmly by X360 fans? Even more - a lot of sites puts down "analysis" articles like "Last nail in PS3's coffin" or "Will the new update save faulty Sony's product?" Why? If someone writes an article like "It is already 1.5 years old but still only one good title on X360... Who's guily?" or "I was told that Epic and Bioware didnt like programming for X360 anymore" I wont take it seriously. Actually I wont read news about X360 at all and I ignore them. And there are no articles with those titles.
Almost all X360 fan sites writes news about PS3 showing all its bad sides and keeping silent about successes. There is nothing about X360 at PS3 fan sites. It is uninteresting for us to read about X360. For me personally if a game releases for X360 worth playing I wont miss it. But I'm sick and tired reading headlined opposing X360 and PS3.
Ppl if you like X360 - cmon play and enjoy it. It is your choice - we respect it! And respect our choice.

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