8.8 Review Need for Speed: SHIFT has written: "Need for Speed: Shift is a masterpiece of automotive insanity. It is not a complete simulation or naked as you would think the developer team, but simply a game that manages to produce - well - a feeling of verisimilitude and a virtual cars almost unique in the genre on console, accompanied by a career mode that simply superb will keep you glued to the screen for very long time. It is not perfect yet, some ways not fully convinced us and the vow you read the bottom of the review is not only dedicated to the actual quality of Shift, but above all the wisdom and the desire and ability to Electronic Arts to put aside for rather 'the economic aspect and concentrate instead on the substance. The appointment of this year with Need for Speed is no longer a classic and ugly "More of the same" but it's damn cool and well done. It is unparalleled."

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