Newegg PC Games Blowout Sale

Newegg have dropped the price of some great 2011 PC games for under $10 in it's PC Games Blowout Sale.

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gamernova3368d ago

Thanks for that! Just bought just cause 2 since I heard good things about the game but never got to buying it. Anyone who is considering dead island...get it!!! Great game!!!

chanmasta3368d ago

Agree on Just Cause 2, disagree on Dead Island. I recently purchased it for my girlfriend and I on Newegg for $10 each about a month ago, and have been playing it for the past couple of days. It's gotten better as it goes through, but there are way too many glitches, annoyances, etc. for me to enjoy the game. I'm constantly wishing this and that were changed and constantly getting frustrated at pathetic little things.
For example, slicing and dodging a single enemy in the FACE literally a HUNDRED times, AND after cutting off both of his arms, he headbutts me and I go flying across the room and die, in one hit.
Plus, being respawned with the character constantly moving in one direction sometimes happens and I have to restart the whole game.

I say leave Dead Island and use your money elsewhere.

gamernova3368d ago

Ah see, I had moments like those too but those aren't glitches. Zombies level up as you do so it makes the game really tough and I absolutely love a good challenge. I had a lot of glitches when the game first came out but they went away with the updates. Unfortunately I stopped playing it. I played the DLC I got for free for pre-ordering it and then I stopped playing it because I beat it twice and did the Easter eggs. I liked it but I respect your opinion.