37 in-game screens from God of War 3 demo

NeoGAF user/Gamersyde staffer TTP has posted 37 "gore"geous direct-feed framegrabs from the demo.

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Nelson M3327d ago

And i'm in
I Got a Code
Suck on That Bots
I'm gonna have me some GoW3 then some Drake then back to Gow 3 then back to Drake then some Killzone then some Gow3 again then some more Drake then some Infamous and some more Killzone and then some More Drake and finish of tonight with some more GoW3
What you gonna do BoTs
Play Halo ODST

Haaa Ha

Delta3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Thats it? you don't play many of the AAA titles PS3 has to offer?
LOL you listed all the 360's games that came out this year.

Nelson M3327d ago

I'm Gonna Play Today
And dont Worry i've Got and Play all PS3 Exclusive's
And Today is as Usual a Good Day for Gaming

Delta3327d ago

Nice. The only Game i dont have yet is R&C A Crack In Time.

ZBlacktt3327d ago

From what I'm seeing. More than one player can play using the same code. I had a friend PM 4 other friends his and they got in too.

Belasco3327d ago

you even own a console. Go away.

ultimolu3326d ago


Alas, I must wait. u.u

54percent3326d ago

Xbot comment about GoW3 : "Mooommmyyy!!! the game iz skaryyy!!! it sukz cuz its not on 360 and and haz a bad maaaann"

Aceluffy3326d ago

You don't play Demon's Souls ? Blasphemy ! :)

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Delta3327d ago

Man, Kartos Hates Bots. LOL Spartans cant go against the God of War.

Delta3327d ago

Thos are some nice screenshots. Can't wait for this and GoWC.

ErcsYou3327d ago

[email protected], some of those screen shots look crazy good. Sony Santa Monica did it again.. Not bad for their 1st PS3 game..

villevalorox3327d ago

WOW, just amazing :) i can't wait to see the final build :)

hardmetal3327d ago

Sony, In God's name what are you doing ? This is beyond gaming.


Microsoft Xbox 3603327d ago

This game looks amazing. Exactly the style I'm interested in.

ZBlacktt3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

OT, love the screen name! Been a Megadeth fan now some, ooohhh 25 years. Metal for life!

Chris3993327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Seriously, half of those screens look like art.

I'm not being a fanboy, but MS hasn't given me any reason to touch my 360 in months now. Hopefully next year they pull out something spectacular (I'm not a Halo fan, I bought the system for JRPGs and we all know how THAT turned out - cough, enhanced ports galore). I have a feeling next year will be mostly casual Natal focused stuff with more flowerly speeches and promises from Molyneux and a bunch of HD, arm flailing party games.

Sony really seems to be on a roll atm. And I think that we often forget it's not about sales (though they're finally showing some gumption in that area as well), it's about GAMES.

And the games that their WW studios are pumping out are utterly spectacular.

Perkel3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

This speaks all :

calis3327d ago

I got the demo, simply amazing.

Sarcasm3327d ago

Holy balls to the walls covered with mango!!!

I swear some of those shots look like Bullshot quality, but of course I know their real.

Kratos is so F'in detailed it's ridiculous!

Sarcasm3327d ago

"Sony Santa Monica did it again.. Not bad for their 1st PS3 game.. "

Isn't Sony Santa Monica Sony's number one developer in terms of harnessing the power of whatever console they work on? And aren't they the ones who assisted Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and other Sony developers?

Either way, the proof is in the blood. And lots of blood that is.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )



Those are some amazing pics but what's up with the eagle lady with the knee-warmer tits?

Here's an HQ video of the full new demo:

i want to play so bad! Is there another way to get the demo besides a lucky email?

zeeshan3327d ago

I can bet my ass that people in M$ must be shiiitting in their pants right now! I mean Killzone 2, inFamous, Uncharted 2, Demon's Soul, God of War 3, GoWC, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo and whole other bunch of games that literally KILL the competition. Sheeshh, I know I'd be scared if I were going agsint quality like THAT.

gamesmaster3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


This image speaks for itself, look at how kratos gets covered with blood the more he tears this thing apart, the detail is impeccable. Im speechless...

sikbeta3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

My God, Can Kratos be more Badass?

This Pictures Say it All:

Redempteur3327d ago

OK guys i'm angry ... I got this feeling when the demo ended ...this feeling of rage ....

Well there is plenty of work done and since it's a E3 bluid ... i've got no worries there ...

hay3327d ago

Got the demo yesterday while hanging with friends at my place. Everyone wanted to play it. The demo was ran several times so that everyone could enjoy it and pretty much everyone loved it.
And how the demo ended, everyone screamed "Argh!".

This game will be insane.

Bits-N-Kibbles3327d ago

I was expecting this game to look good, but not this good. This is probably my favorite series in video games.

Seriously, some of the shots look like concept art... holy crap!

I'm blown away. GoW3 is going to be epic.

Arnon3327d ago

It's pretty much what I've been saying for a good 4-5 months now. God of War 3's graphical prowess comes from it's character models, but I've seen much better environmental detail in other PS3 exclusives like Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain.

kalebgray923327d ago

when i realized they actually gave him gums... freaking gums not just teeth omg

sikbeta3327d ago

I don't get the disagrees... was for the pictures, you know for me Kratos doesn't need to rip someone's head off to be an Awesome Super Powerful God of War, but if you really need IT:

bnaked3327d ago

David Jeffe was right. It looks like a f*cking painting.. Incredible..

pixelsword3327d ago

"set as desktop background"



beavis4play3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

and those screens don't do the game justice. i'm speechless........the violence is like nothing in any other game........ever. and beautiful doesn't begin to describe it.

and this demo is the old one from E3.......i don't dare imagine what the retail version will be head would explode.
MS could launch SC, AW, and ME2 all at the same time and i'd still rather play GOW3 than all of those games combined. i wouldn't have said that before the demo, but i'm saying it now!

people: do what you have to do in order to play the won't be disappointed.

Sarcasm3326d ago

"MS could launch SC, AW, and ME2 all at the same time"

Alan Wake is Meh. SC and ME2 will definitely take a back seat to GoWIII though.

The only thing that could probably pry me away from GoWIII will be GT5.

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Perjoss3327d ago

he always looks so angry, I think he should sit down with a good book and a nice cup of camomile and unwind for a bit.

bnaked3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Yes, it seems that Kratos needs a woman ^^

Lykon3326d ago

or a man , ohhh my legs would so be over my shoulders for kratos

Sarcasm3326d ago

"I think he should sit down with a good book and a nice cup of camomile and unwind for a bit."

Humans sit down for a nice cup of camomile to wind down.

Gods rip off heads of other gods to wind down.

Pretty much the same thing.


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Baba19063327d ago

i just got my mail with the code. its so cool =D cant wait to try it. i love u sony.

Chris3993327d ago

I was trying to figure out how to apply.

calis3327d ago

It looks like it is for EU and AU only, I got one as well and I was just a member of PSN, didn't sign up for anything.

Chris3993327d ago

They'll probably have an NA release towards the end of the year anyhow.

And you guys usually get the shaft on releases (though it seems like SCEE is getting their $hit together with that recently), so it's for the best.

Oh, I came across a WKC 2 trailer (official feed) this morning.

Check it out! (And gimmie the first one already!)

If Sony plays their cards right, this could be the next FF. They own the IP, Japan loves the series, and it's production values look to have easily doubled since the last installment.

monkey nuts3327d ago

The thing thats funny about these pics is even though they look great the demo looks far better on my HD tv. You can't see all of the texture detail in the pics for some reason. Also that flying part where your going up through rafters and flaming boulders is a b!tch to get through. Excellent game though, Sony's titles this gen have become known for their epic quality imo.

dead_eye3327d ago

i agree with monkey nuts. miles better on a hdtv. i loved the flying bit wasn't expecting it.

hay3327d ago

@monkey nuts: True. It looked better on my TV also.

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