Morgan Webb: Mario Galaxy is for kids, Rachet and Clank not insulting to play as an adult

G4TV's Morgan Webb has stated that Mario Galaxy feels like it's is aimed at kids and implied that unlike Rachet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, it's insulting to play Galaxy as an adult.

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Valay3374d ago

I disagree with what was said 100%. I can see myself playing Galaxy when I'm 90 years old, without feeling like I'm being insulted. And that applies to the Rachet and Clank series as well.

mikeslemonade3374d ago

I agree with Morgan Webb cause she's hot. How can you disagree with her? I don't really care bout either game. I'm going to play them and not really give a damn.

Valay3374d ago

Woah, woah, woah. Just because someone is attractive doesn't mean you have to agree with anything someone says. And I don't agree that Galaxy is an insult at all.

HDgamer3374d ago

Morgan isn't hot and I disagree with her. I like super mario and ratchet and clank.

Marceles3374d ago

I think mike was being sarcastic. *kinda*

EvilTwin3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Feeling "insulted" while playing Galaxy?

What, playing some of the best platformer level designs yet created is..."insulting"?

A lombax and a robot with outlandish weapons out to save the universe versus a plumber in space...she's actually trying to call one of these "mature"?

They're videogames. Incredibly good ones that have fun with the genre and medium they're on.

She can go read Tolstoy for her fix of "adult" entertainment. Or she can realize she makes a living playing games.

mikeslemonade3374d ago

I think Morgan is more sexy than Olivia Munn. They both got bodys but Morgan's face is way more appealing than Munn's.

HDgamer3374d ago

Well Mike she does have strong male features in her face, maybe thats what you like.

Smacktard3374d ago

Morgan's comment is everything that's wrong with today's gamers. People used to play video games for fun, and now it seems people play them for "HURR GUNZ I'M MATURE" No surprise, either, she's a GURL GAMURR

Not that you could tell when looking at her gigantic manjaw.

starvinbull3374d ago

Both are excellent, who cares?

FiftyFourPointTwo3374d ago

I agree with your posts Valay. SMG and R&C are both fun to play.

@Morgan Webb = Disgaree(1) from me.

RememberThe3573374d ago

She is saying the Ratchet games are aimed at a more mature audience then Mario. That is fact. Weather you feel like a kid when your playing Mario or not is an individual thing.

She seemed to be saying that for the more mature person Ratchet is a better fit. That does not mean that the game is not silly or fun, it just means that the context and dialog are more mature, which is true.

There really is no grounds here to get as butt hurt as you guys are getting. She said what she said bluntly, since when did gamers care about being politically correct?

Tony P3374d ago

I think it's definitely more aimed at kids, but it's not y'know, insulting to an adult mind. Not anymore than any other simplistic title out there anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, how does anyone claim to be a mature fan while insulting another person superficially, N4G users? I guess this is why mainstream thinks gaming is only for kids. You guys surely fit the bill with comments like those.

darthv723374d ago

i can say i enjoy mario as well as r&c games. I grew up on mario/sonic and my kids are doing the same. I dont feel insulted to play a mario game no matter how new (galaxy) or old (super mario bros). There is fun to be had by all ages.

NoBias3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

When even a SOLID Mario game get's hated on.

I miss the good old days... Fanboy haters make me sick. You're turning your backs on the plumber we grew up with?!

StanLatMarveldotCom3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Morgan has some nice tits even if they are a bit lopsided but in this case she doesn't know tit. Mario Galaxy is not for kids. It's a game for everyone and I'm not embarrassed having played the sh*t out of it and still consider it one of the best games this gen.

EvilTwin3374d ago

RememberThe357 -- She implied being "insulted" by playing Mario Galaxy from an adult's perspective. That's an argument on intellectual maturity.

R&C is as "adult" as a movie like Star Wars. And Mario has never been about the story. It's about the gameplay and always has been. As an "adult gamer," I can say Galaxy had some of the best level design and gameplay this gen.

She probably didn't mean for what she said to come out the way it did. But it's kinda pointless to be arguing that the intergalactic lomax is more mature than the space plumber.

heroicjanitor3374d ago

"plumber we grew up with" kind of says it all doesn't it? Not that I agree with her. I can see where she's coming from though, mario has a very simplistic plot where you have to save the princess again, but whether you feel embarrassed to play it is individual, as RememberThe357 said.

sikbeta3374d ago

I don't know about mario, but Ratchet is a HERO XD

n4f3374d ago

people talk sh!t and they dont even know what they are talking about.
video game now is too mainstream.

asdr3wsfas3374d ago

"I agree with Morgan Webb cause she's hot."

Morgan Webb has a man jaw, man shoulders, and man height.

She has a degree in rhetoric. The idea of her being sexy for liking guy things fails when you look at this video while considering it. How to build an ultimate gaming pc:

This thread tore it apart and I want to assist them. As you read realize that you can build a better *gaming* PC for under 1k but not wasting money on stupid parts.

As the original poster noted DDR3 ram doesn't even work in that motherboard. The ram doesn't have to superfast for gaming and expensive ram is ONLY worth it for overclocking or tweaking ram timings, which they don't even mention (1t or 2t or cas timings are the only ones you need to worry about). Otherwise the max RAM speed is determined by the busspeed of the motherboard - the only reason people get RAM that fast is to handle the speed increase when they up the front side bus speed, which the ram speed is a multiple of. This ram costs 700 dollars and at most would add a couple FPS in gaming. Then they picked midrange graphics cards they could have used that money on that would have let them run insane resolutions with no slowdown. It is possibly the stupidest building advice I've ever seen and shows a total ignorance of price/performance and what matters in a gaming pc.

You can skimp on the cpu in a gaming pc with a good graphics card, talking about the cpu being "fast enough" to handle crysis is a joke seeing as you can skimp low on that part and compensate with the gpu. In fact you don't want the fastest cpu if that takes money from the gfx card, and in this case they chose two medium range GFX cards instead of a high end on and wasted money on the good processor that matters little in comparison.

She spends more time maxing sexual innuendo about "sticking parts in" the excellent case than discussing the cooling. It is a good case but stock fans suck and if you want good fans you buy Silverstone or Vantec. Former has high CFM air output and the latter is very quite. In fact you can skimp on a case like this if you're not overclocking and just get an ok one. On top of that the case sucks for that purpose and the P180 demolishes it in every way. All to the detriment of the gfx card.

The motherboard is again wasted money if you aren't overclocking it. High end motherboards are MADE to be overclocked - they contain BIOS options that allow you to do it and aren't always present on other board and are much more stable at higher speeds. This motherboard is made to be overclocked and sold for this purpose. You can buy rock solid motherboards with enough expansion ports and features for cheap if you don't overclock and the speed difference in models is typically 1-2fps. More money taken away from the gfx card, which makes huge differences in power.

That power supply is absurdly overpowered with those GFX cards. Total waste of money given that the gfx cards in SLI leech a large chunk of energy. That power supply is for two high end gfx cards running in SLI and several hard drives more and overclocking, during which you increase voltage for stability at higher speeds. The good PSUs are made for supplying this voltage with maxed out specs.

3rd part heatsinks are completely unnecessary without overclocking unless you want silence. If you want improvements wipe the thermal glue off the stock heatsink with alcohol and replace with arctic silver of your preference - costs 5 dollars for a lifetime tube. A waste of money that does nothing compared to gfx cards.

Lastly, someone on that forum posted on g4 asking why they recommended RAM that doesn't run on that board. They deleted the topic.

ape0073374d ago

smg is without a doubt one of greatest games in this gen no damn doubt but some places just feels so kiddish imo,like when rosalina tells those little things a story,the way it tells the story,the music in that room is obviously for 5 year-old or at the toy galaxy but it's an amazing game and a true gem nonetheless

I think WII just made nintendo kiddier,mario kart wii feels more kiddy than its past games every character just yelling "WIIIIII",baby mario,baby luigi,"wiiiiii",even wiluigi became gay,on a single race you are gonna hear"wiiiiiiii" 100+ times

what is that,the core gameplay is amazing,don't spoil it nintendo

Sevir043374d ago

it's really a silent gameplay, and very very kid friendly, the universe as awhole and the naritive mario follows, Is always, a plumber goes after a kidnapped princess from her magical kingdom., thats very fairyale and aimed at children.

ratchet on the other hand, is a total departure, yes it may sport a cartoony artsyle, but thats like saying a gory Anime with hentai is for kids just because it's not like action... Ratchets narritive is filled with dark undertones, and it's dialog is far more mature. i have never seen profanity in any Mario Game ever released. while in rachet every iteration has some sort of profane word that makes it totally geared for a more mature audience than say the 5-10 year olds that moms and dads are buying nintendo and mario for.

So she's right in that Ratchet is a far more mature game in it's narritive tone and dialog than mario is, the Great thing about this is though is that It's fun for both those games. but I'm sure some 40 year old guy who rarily plays video games, if he were to pick up Ratchet and start shooting the sh!t out of things and then be asked to play mario galaxy and listen to it's fairytale story i'm sure he'd stick with ratchet for the fact that Guns are more precieved as adult. and he may feel a bit insulting. so she's right. most of you, grew up with mario so you have a soft spot. as gamers, but you also have matured which is why you also find enjoyment in the ratchet franchise as well. so Morgan is right. you gotta think about what she said before you all jump all over her. there is some merit behind what she's saying. eveing if it doesn't nessessarily applies to you.

raztad3374d ago

No offense to the kids, but I would NEVER play any Mario, it's like playing Pokemon. You just CANT do that in front of any other adult. Olivia is a hot girl she knows how hot girls think, you have a very low probability of score with someone bragging about playing Mario.

Smacktard3374d ago

@ ape:

What? Rosalina's story is arguably one of the more mature themes in Mario Galaxy. Kids wouldn't just "get that"

@ raztad:

It's pretty obvious you don't have much interaction with girls. Most girls don't care about any video games besides:

Guitar Hero
Rock Band
Mario (pretty much anything Mario)

I have a Wii at university, and I always had girls coming over to play Mario. The original. On Virtual Console.

asdr3wsfas3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

"You just CANT do that in front of any other adult. Olivia is a hot girl she knows how hot girls think, you have a very low probability of score with someone bragging about playing Mario."

If you ignore the fact that the wii appeals heavily to women you might have a point. Bragging to girls about playing any video game kills your chance of scoring.

My gf loves the wii and Mario. We once talked to an attractive female clerk at family video who owned one and mocked the clerk's friend who ditched playing wii with her for a date at a bar. I said the clerk's friend should have invited the girl over to play wii as a pretense for taking her home. They both mentioned that it's an excellent non-threatening reason to get them over and seal the deal.

The clerk was asian. My gf is petite and blond. You're ignoring demographics showing that women buy and play wiis - my gf's sister and mom both have one. Girls love Mario Kart. If you lived in the dorms you'd know they also love SNES.

If you're concerned about getting laid buy a motorcycle.

NoBias3374d ago

It really is obvious that you have zero experience with women and that your penis is more than likely very upset with you.

You're last comment said a LOT about you lmao

raztad3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

OH guys thanks for the good laugh, this is funny as hell! LOL

In a way you right, I'm lacking a bit of more of interaction with girls, that is what happen when you are married :D, but it's ok, I'm gonna say it again SHE knows more than you guys about what girls think.

Probably the difference in age is bigger than you think, probably when you say girls are talking about Teens, but Morgan is talking about ADULTS. You know people with jobs, most probably married and possibly with kids. Let me add something even if you GF loves to play Pokemon I doubt she expect you to play Pokemon as well.

mal_tez923373d ago

I seriously found Galaxy to be very basic and boring. The only good Mario games are the Mario Bros sidescrollers and Super Mario 64, all others suck.

Ratchet and Clank on the other hand is an amazing series that keeps improving. I can't wait to play A Crack in Time next week. If it is the last game in the series, it just means that it will not outstay its welcome like Mario did a long time ago.

NoBias3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Seeing as how Super Mario Galaxy has sold over 8 million copies. But hey... Who would want that kinda profit?

Answer: Me and any other sane person.

gaffyh3373d ago

I agree with her, every fanboy here is taking her statement out of context. R&C is aimed at a wider audience because of the way it is made, the dialogue, humor, and gameplay appeal to both young and old audiences. I can't play SMG for 20 mins without getting annoyed, the camera and lack of voice acting is very last gen, get your sh!t together nintendo

Smacktard3373d ago


protip: most "adult" women think that gaming, in general, is immature. There's almost no chance a grown-up adult woman would think that Mario is more mature than Ratchet & Clunk or vice-versa because: they're both video games.

raztad3373d ago


"most "adult" women think that gaming, in general, is immature" AGREE. MOST females in their thirties, and more, think any gaming is immature, however I never said R&C would make you look better, in fact I disagree with that opinion but definitely Morgan knows more than you do.

frostypants3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Why agree OR disagree with Morgan Webb? Who cares? These female game/tech critics are there for eye candy. It's getting ridiculous. "She's hot...therefore let's listen!". F**k that. And I'm not being sexist here...if I was wrong, there'd be a few fugly female critics/hosts to go with the handful of fugly male ones.

Olivia Munn is by far the worst...there's nothing going on behind those dead, dead eyes. Hot though. Definitely hot. But creepy.

I'm not even a Wii owner, and in fact do own a PS3...I just found this annoying.

syanara3373d ago

if galaxy was more like barney then yea id understand but since mario has become such a past time hero then its hard to find a game where you would feel insulted, let me take that back, a game where you would feel... not out of place playing anyways would be hard to find.

kunit22c3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

You Morgan Webb lovers, stop trying to twist her words so people will stop flaming her. She said what she said, and I will say I disagree. But there is no way she didn't mean it, her and almost everyone on G4 is biased against the Wii. Its ridiculous, I watch G4 but there is very little Wii news, except around big events like E3 but the few times there is they flame it. But there are a few exceptions. Don't try to make it seems like she wasn't bashing Mario because she was. Also why is it that iv'e seen a few couples out buying games for their Wii (Including Mario Galaxy) but iv'e never even seen a couple out buying any 360 or PS3 game. Actually wait I saw this one family buying PS3 games. but thats it.

Millah3373d ago

Morgan Webb is a joke, I can't stand her and her opinions, mostly because her opinion sucks 95% of the time. She has terrible taste in video games, and is very one sided with her biases. I thought she was a DS fangirl tho? Most the games she plays on DS are all "kid" games, so whats her point? I can at least respect Adam Sessler as a gamer, but not Morgan.

And for all you guys that thinks shes hot, you really must have just started watching G4 within the past 2 years. If you remember what she looked like back on TechTV, you wouldn't think shes so hot. God her hair used to be so gross and greasy. G4 just puts a ton of makeup on her now and fixes that gross hair she had.

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Shadow Flare3374d ago

When a game is called something like Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, or Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, you know its not entirely aimed at kids lol

InLaLaLand3374d ago

Don't forget Size Matters for the PSP

ZombieNinjaPanda3374d ago

I didn't figure out what Going Commando meant until a little while ago. It hit me haha.

Up Your Arsenal was an obvious one. Didn't pick up on Size Matters until you mentioned it XD

zootang3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

A crack in time

A cracking time

InLaLaLand3374d ago

Since 'lay the smackdown' was in the Clank demo, here are a few titles for R&C -
R&C: Lay the Smackdown
R&C: Adventure of (Poontang) Pie
R&C: Know Your Role
R&C: Shut Your Mouth
R&C: Rachet 3:16 said I just whooped your a$$
Just my thoughts.

sikbeta3374d ago

You forget about:

Ratchet and Clank Future: Shut a [email protected] Up lol

asdr3wsfas3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Sexual puns are only mature if they're good.

N4g_null3374d ago

R&c is a joke of a game. Even the title says lame adult jokes ahead. Which would be g4 speciality. If they did not have games then I wonder why would they even be on tv. I think MTV could do a better job. They have way hotter girls and the guys don't act like there metrosexuals.

Hell hiphopgamer should try and get a show on there. She knows nsmb wii is coming and there is not a damn thing g4 can do about it.

Anyway this gen is over. They better covert before it's too late!

heroicjanitor3374d ago

What do you mean it's a joke of a game? Do you mean it doesn't take itself seriously, or that it's a bad game? And what do you mean there is nothing they can do about nsmb? Are you implying they dislike the wii and fear the mighty nsmb? lol

qohelet3373d ago

yes, this is more aimed at teens.

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TheHater3374d ago

For me, I grew out of Mario. I don't find Mario games appealing because all Nintendo sees to do is milk this guy. Just look, there is Mario kart, tennis, basketball, baseball, Mario Party, Mario paint, etc.

thehitman3374d ago

just thinking about that before I even seen this article about how mario was good etc as I was growing up but now its like eh... people grow up and some type of games are just not for you anymore I think thats what she is trying to say and R&C does a better job at keeping your pride as an adult.

sakura20093374d ago

maybe shes getting too old for video games and look

she got a bald spot ^^

LittleBigSackBoy3374d ago

Why are you posting it all over the forum? Would you like it if someone took a pic of you and pointed out sh!t? You're a sad little person.

Anorexorcist3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

"Would you like it if someone took a pic of you and pointed out sh!t?"

Hey that's the risk you run when you put yourself out there as a media figurehead. If women want to be on the net and on television, they need to learn the carry all the baggage that comes with it.

Morgen Webb is she like in her 30's already?

BigKev453374d ago

I would bang Morgan Webb.