Need for Speed SHIFT - The TripleChat Review

TripleChat has reviewed the latest release in EA's long running Need for Speed franchise - Need for Speed SHIFT

TripleChat writes, "The marketing for SHIFT was a bit misleading. NFS has always been known for its arcade racing style – trading paint was encouraged, running from the cops recklessly (though not GTA style) was applauded, and you didn't care how much damage you done to your car during all of this. SHIFT took a new direction to the series that was first started in ProStreet; a more simulation style of racing."

"While we sit here and say NFS SHIFT is a fun game (and it is, no lie) it does very little to separate itself from the crowded pack of racing titles. It does new things for the franchise but nothing to innovate or change the face of the racing genre."

TripleChat reviews games on an economic scale rather than just simple grading. Is NFS SHIFT worth the $60?

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