Lens of Truth: Tekken 6 Analysis

Lens of Truth, "...Lens of Truth was able to get our fists on the new Tekken 6 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As many of you know, the renowned Tekken series has always been a PlayStation exclusive and it has never been brought home on any other gaming console. Stick around because there can only be one Iron Fist champion in this arena!"

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PirateThom3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Interesting that they picked the 360 version entirely on load times...

Actually... what the hell did happen to the game, it's pretty damn ugly.

droid and bot3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

so the only thing is
the 360 version loads faster ??

im getting this on my PS3 any way
the controller is more suitable for this kinda games

gamesR4fun3279d ago

ya right man im getting sick of these rehashed franshises looks n plays like every other tekken ever made.

The Creep3279d ago

OH you gotta love sub HD resolution =)


Marceles3279d ago

Renting it from Gamefly, I really havent liked Tekken as much since Tekken Tag but its worth a try

UnwanteDreamz3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I would have never said this in the past but F*CK Tekken. I was a huge fan at one time. I would fight with SF fans all the time about which was the better fighter.

specialguest3279d ago

Why does the arcade version appear to look better graphically. Wasn't the arcade version based on the PS3 hardware?

raztad3279d ago

Tekken 6 looks as good as Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection PSN. Well not exactly but it's not very far from that.

mdt hunter3279d ago

its a arcade port
the arcade game was release in 2007

Cold 20003279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Wow Virtua Fighter 5 on the 360 that came out THREE years ago looks better than Tekken 6...

sunnygrg3279d ago

Whatever happened to controls comparison?

table3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"Whatever happened to controls comparison?"

They scrapped that when they realised the ps3 version would win hands down.

Eddie201013279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

The game looks just fine, not the best out there as far as graphics go, but it looks pretty good.

Lens of truth seem to be giving a bit of miss information or slanted information in this comparison. The load times on the Xbox 360 version are just as long with motion blur turned on. The PS3 version has 2x AA and the Xbox 360 version does not have AA at all. The PS3 version looks better with motion blur turned off than the Xbox 360 version. The PS3 version has better sound and the better controller for this type of game.

Most sites are saying the PS3 version is the better version of the game and even the developer has said the same.

Beware of sites that use the words truth or honest in there titles.

Cold 20003279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"Whatever happened to controls comparison?"

They scrapped that when they realised the ps3 version would win hands down.3

Lens of truth have never done control comparisions...

Geez you're one paranoid idiot.

table3279d ago

Take it easy mate, I was being facetious.

Anon19743279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

So, both games are identical, but the PS3 wants you to do a harddrive install after which the load times are also identical. Winner: 360.

How the hell can LOT justify that? What? So if any game has an install it automatically get's lower marks? Hey do the controls compare? I noticed you didn't mention that.

LOT is fast becoming a joke. Just look at their comparison of BlazBlu. Both games identical, 360 version loads a second or two faster, 360 version suffers from horrible control (they even talk about how frustrating it is). Winner: Tie?
In what world do a couple of seconds of load time trump frustrating controls...IN A FIGHTING GAME?

Or look at their comparison of Wolfenstein. Again, both games identical. 360 versions suffers from performance issues and screen tearing which the PS3 versions doesn't. PS3 version has an extra 8 seconds of loading between levels. Winner: Another Tie?
Again, in what world does 8 seconds of load time difference between levels trump "Almost every time you would fire a weapon a screen tear would result. However the PlayStation 3 was completely opposite"

Come on, LOT! If you're going to do these type of comparisons, they're best done without your heads up your asses. Use some common sense.

harv0523279d ago

I think it was Hideo Kojima that said Japanese developers are behind when it comes to graphics in games. They used to be the top people, but it seems, not anymore...

IdleLeeSiuLung3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Not so fast:

"Out-of-the-box, the Xbox 360 version is our flavor of choice. If you do decide to install it on the Playstation 3, the load times will be decreased but be warned the online matches may take a hit depending on who you are paired with."

Granted not that significant, it is still an edge especially after an installation on the PS3, the 360 is still faster by a small margin.

Get whichever controller or platform you prefer. I will not get this, and stick with SFIV!

LONEWOLF2313279d ago

If i do buy it PS3 for me as well. Dont feel like dishing out extra cash to buy a controller that i can use to properly play the game.

Homicide3279d ago

"What concerned us the most about the PlayStation 3 load times was the online play. There will be a lot of waiting for challengers if you are paired with someone that hasn’t installed. In every other area ,both games played and looked identical and if it weren’t for the load times this would have been a tie."

Load times will vary online depending on who you get paired up with. It should of been a mandatory install.

boodybandit3279d ago

It looks too dated and took WAY too long to hit retail. I replaced it with R&C:ACIT on my purchase list for Best Buy tomorrow. I usually just rent R&C game because I blow through them but at least Insomniac earns my money. Namco doesn't with this watered down version of Tekken. I think SCIV looks better and that's sad considering when SCIV came out.

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MNicholas3279d ago

No doubt IGN, Eurogamer, etc..., who are so focused on "innovation," will score it rather poorly.

Just like Halo, GTA, Madden, etc. and receive such horrible scores.

likedamaster3279d ago

"Actually... what the hell did happen to the game, it's pretty damn ugly."

Completely with you on that one.

Noob3279d ago

Tekken 5 DR on PSN looks much cleaner and runs native 1080p/60fps. That game was released two years ago and looks better than this. Wtf happened to this game?

Sheddi3279d ago

darkride is completley right.
I mean, come on, what would u rather have? screen tearing EVERY TIME u shot or just wait 8 more seconds?
Its quite obvious.
Don't be so blind.

commodore643279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Oh dear.
There goes darkride66 again.

He didn't like the facts presented so he lies about the loading times?

So that all can see that he LIED again, here's his quote:
"So, both games are identical, but the PS3 wants you to do a harddrive install after which the load times are also identical."

Here's what LOT *actually* found to be true about loading times:
"Surprisingly, the Xbox 360 demolished the Playstation 3 in loading times. Even when we installed Tekken 6 on the Playstation 3 it still loaded slightly more slowly than the Xbox 360 running off the disc"

So then, it seems darkride66 clearly lied.

It needs to be pointed out that darkride66, after being called out by several people on this issue, resorted to his infamous 'strawman argument' tactic, to divert attention away from the fact that he was caught lying again, by talking about a completely different game: Wolfenstein.

Why even bring up Wolfenstein, darkride66?
Why not just stick to the facts at hand?
We were talking about tekken6 and nothing else.

The facts are, that Tekken6, developed FIRST on ps3 arcade hardware, looks identical on the 360 (perhaps even with better AA on the 360, imo) albeit with MAJOR loading time improvements!

I feel it funny that, when presented with these facts, darkride66 seems entirely unable to accept them for what they are.
Instead, we can observe him, in this very thread, damage controlling, spinning, distracting, improperly refuting and outright lying.

This is certainly not a personal attack, as everything I have written is true.

The shoe fits and darkride66 must wear it.

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

Why does the arcade version (which came out in 2007) looks a lot better than this? I find it funny that the Xbox fanboys are claiming victory on this even though the PS3 version still looks better. The funny thing is that developers claimed that they had to go through hurdles to make the 360 version on par with the PS3 version. The ugly truth is that they probably had to dumb down the PS3 version so that they would both look more or less on par with each other. The Arcade version is proof of that.

What's sad is how E3 2005 had a Tekken 6 bullshot trailer, lol. So much for this crap, namco.

Anon19743278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

PlayStation 3 Load Times (Installed 4.6 gb):
Time #1 (loading trophies, saved data etc…) 1 – 2 seconds
Time #2 (loading characters and preparing to fight) 11 – 12.2 seconds
Xbox 360 Load TImes (Installed 6.7 gb):
Time #1 (loading saved data etc…) 0 – 0.3 seconds
Time #2 (loading characters and preparing to fight) 10 – 10.5 seconds

"Only after installing on the PlayStation 3 did the load times match the Xbox 360 version." Notice the 360 is also using the install.

LOT said themselves that the PS3 load time matched the 360 version in the summary. In truth, it looks like there's still a *gasp* 1.7 SECOND DIFFERENCE! Oh, dear, god! Forgive me for jumping to the end where they clearly state the load times matched each other.

Get over yourself.

The reason I brought up Wolfenstein and BluBlaz is to show that LOT's conclusions aren't beyond reproach, which is completely relevant to this conversation.

Again, Get over yourself.

I thought you had asked the Mods to ban you from this site because you couldn't hack it, based on that little rant on your bio about how you've "decided to leave N4G" because of all the PS3 fans? Better ask again. I knew it was to good to be true.

They're probably looking for posters over at if you want to find a new home. This site is actually for gamers.

evildeli3278d ago

Your grammar is still poor. Try going to another site if you hate LOT so much.

Xgamerzus3278d ago

Remember that the PS3 can do 1080p , and Install SSD Drive!!
Once again LCD rears its ugly head in the form of the 360!!!
go ahead and brag about DVD load times but when you have a SSD drive installed that fully saturates your 150MB's Sata connection!! Fck that DVD drive!!!
and also if The PS3 if coded right can do true 1080p not that 640p limitep EDRAM nonsense the 360 pc is crippling at.

Sighs Thank you Namco for sh!tting on your selves .Broke arse Jap Dev companies ..
They need a proper American business hollywood model!!Show me the $$$$$$$$$$.Give me some big bang for my 60$$$$$

Anon19743278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Ok, whatever makes you happy.

As for LOT, I have nothing against them. They're a little hit and miss but ultimately I think they have an interesting little site. I actually wish they'd cover more than the fraction of multiconsole games that they have been, and scrap demo comparisons altogether.

My real beef is with those who labor under the false assumption that LOT's conclusions are beyond reproach. Their conclusions, as many have already pointed out, are simply their opinions and as such are subject to their own biases and interpretation. This was what I was trying to illustrate with my examples above.

Personally, I don't use them at all as my own experiences have taught me that I can't trust my 360 hardware thusly I buy all exclusives on the system that actually runs them reliably. That doesn't somehow exclude me from being able to voice my opinion with regards to other opinions I come across on the web. My thoughts on these matters are just as valid as anyone else.

FACTUAL evidence3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Funny how SF4 beat the ps3 version because of graphics, put tekken 6 for the ps3 clearly shows that it's out performing the 360 version, but ps3 loses because 8 seconds? Geez...i swear, could you get any nerdier than that? " OMG 8 SECONDS THE IDES OF MARCH IS BACK FOR A RETURN!" get over it, the ps3 version runs better.

commodore643278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Wow look at that.

I called darkride66 out for lying and he gets all hysterical!
What is his major malfunction?

More often than not, Darkride66 'bends' the truth to suit his purpose.
All I did was call him out, and I was right.
He cannot admit it, so has to start attacking me?
Kinda childish.

Sad too, considering he's nearly forty years old...

evildeli3278d ago

That may have been your first post where you didn't reference Blazblue. We're making progress!

jaidek3278d ago

"Funny how SF4 beat the ps3 version because of graphics, put tekken 6 for the ps3 clearly shows that it's out performing the 360 version, but ps3 loses because 8 seconds?"

Actually SFIV won on the Xbox 360 due to 2xAA and additional effects (specular, shadows, etc). Tekken 6 is a tie because neither version has AA out of the box. Both version perform the same, as you can see in the video. And they judged the loading out of the box as well, which is another reason SFIV lost on the PS3.

lovestruck063278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

seriously this game looks like crap. im still waiting for a fighting game that comes out where u have a entire level and it its 3d and you can run around like a shooting game but of course you wont have guns just your charaters specials and your fists. breakable environments. free roam, for heavens sake something new and innavative. honestly the majority of gamers get bored with fighting games its the least popular genre only so many times you can beat up a guy without been able do explore the level its just two one demensional and it is definately not as complex as ufc undisputed that game has alot of moves to learn to keep u entertained but i find other fighting games repetive very fast. its quite comparable to a shooting game like killzone 2 which has amazing graphics so much potential and you know how they ruined (WEAPONS)no secondary fires what happend to the secondary fire of your assult rifle where you have a shotgun, or a grenade launcher attachment. keeps a gamer playing shooters when the weapons are are unique.otherwise shooters become very repetive fast killzone weapons though are far from unique. every shooting game should have secondary fire and that bolt gun that shoots and pins people to the wall like in fear. you know with the hardware game develepers have these days why not get creative like the movies these days even south park has cool weapon idea that id love to see in the next shooting game of the year. a weapon that shot a mini dart into the person and blows up the person. maybe in gears 3 with the sweet gore. like onother game in my eyes was a let down due to the lack of cool weapons grand theft auto 4. like what the hell they took out the chain saw, flame thrower, mini gun ,triggered mines, knife that isnt ridiculous. like honestly who in their right minds would attack someone with a knife and pretend its a samarai sword lol last time i checked knives are for stabbing and slitting throats if u wanna claim you discontinued weapons becuase u wanted to be more realistic then maybe make a knife attck they never added anything new. like i dont understand take weapons away and dont replace them like geez. no unique gore,only thing gta did right was the rag doll effects when uyou hit a person, or the damage to the cars or the sweet crashes u caould do. unfortunately these days seems like a gamer has to make a tuff choices, heres your choice 1 side you can have uncharted 2 graphics other side gears of war 2 gore or fallout gore, call of dutys ability to shoot through objects, red faction destructablity....ive noticed that any game with amazing graphics lacks what the other side has then vise versa. does that mean that to have amazing graphics you have to sacrifice the other side, or to have the other side you have sacrifice the graphics. cuz i have yet to see a game with both of those sides. sorry i went off tangit or off topic just tekken 6 got me thinkin how more hames need to be more innotive and stop sticking year after year to what they think doesnt need to be changed, example halo series, fighting games, i would say killzone 2 but as for weapons they changed what they didnt need to, killzone 1 weapons were sweet not being able to jump not so much lol. in conclusion i aggree with darkride66 and he was using an example to back up his argument, the callouts of bias on the site is unreal so a person could understand why he would feel the need to back up his statement. i didnt notice his grammer issue i just read what he was saying . thats what i was saying if you can't find any problems with his point, then just look for grammer flaws then call him on that....pathetic really. i doubt if tekken 6 was still a ps3 exclusive would be any better , the fact is it still no matter what would have been a generic fighting game with no destructable environments, no free roam. thats not any consoles fault thats the developer for deciding to stick to the same old same old with a different story and alittle bit of polish. i honestly though tekken6 was gunna be different. i was a fool for thinkin that. one day one day.

again sorry that its so long and kinda goes off topic just dissappointed really...also who they heck cares which tekken 6 looks better ps3 or 360 its still a generic polished fighting game. nothing new to see. tekken 6 is not gunna make the majority of gamers that dont give 2 craps about fighting games, change their minds.

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RudeSole Devil3279d ago

Zoomed in 500% Yea that's exactly how I play. BTW the game looks like sh%$ and both version look identical to the un-zoomed human eye. If I had to buy this pos Xbox 360 would be it.

topgeareasy3279d ago

PS3 has a better D-pad better GXF

Sonyslave33279d ago

LOL that site is japanesse they going to pick ps3 version over 360 anytime.

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

What's sad is how E3 2005 had a Tekken 6 bullshot trailer, lol. So much for this crap, namco.

Anyway, Why does the arcade version (which came out in 2007) looks a lot better than this? I find it funny that the Xbox fanboys are claiming victory on this even though the PS3 version still looks better. The funny thing is that developers claimed that they had to go through hurdles to make the 360 version on par with the PS3 version. The ugly truth is that they probably had to dumb down the PS3 version so that they would both look more or less on par with each other. The Arcade version is proof of that.

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Fishy Fingers3279d ago

The story mode (not sure of its real title) interests me, reminds me of Tekken Force back in the day. But the franchise doesnt seemed to have moved on enough for me, looks like Tekken 5DR with ever so slightly better graphics. Sadly I was hoping for more, the gameplay still look's "clunky" and doesnt seem to flow enough.

XGreyFoxX3279d ago

WTH. Loading times. Thats dumb. Its like a 2 seconds different. Why do they hate PS3. Lens of truth are full of crap.

junk-3d3279d ago

not full of crap...consistent. They take an out of the box approach to comparing games. Unwrap, drop in and play. They did the additional install and it did help in speed. But if you are playing online, you can't bet on everyone installing and so prepare to wait longer.

I still can't grasp as to why Namco made the install optional on the PS3 in the first place. Did you see how long it took to load in the video! I could go and make a sandwich in that time. Mmm....sandwich.

Overall, not impressed with this game. I love some Tekken, but this will be a bargain bin buy for me.

stealyrface3279d ago

I thought Tekken 6 was made for the PS3. Odd. I'll be skipping it anyway.

3sq3279d ago

It's because they ported the arcade/PS3 version to 360 then ported it back to PS3 again in order to make it fit DVD and make them look equal.

Kushan3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

That's why the PS3 version uses 1080P HD videos and the 360 version doesn't, right? Because they did it deliberately so they're equal? Oh wait, no....

sack_boi3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I totally agree, they ported the game to the 360, ported it to the PS3, then the 360 and then back to the PS3.
And in other to make both version equal, the dumbed down the graphics.

Sheddi3278d ago

Is that a fact or are u making that up :P?
Provide a link if its true. It just doesn't sound right.

lovestruck063277d ago

like come i hate 360 prob as much as you but im sure the 360 could handle a fighting game. even if tekken 6 was polished to the max its still nothing special, nothing new, its still a rental. saying the 360 cant handle games like uncharted 2 gt5, mag, heavy rain that makes sense and until the 360 makes a game that matches those games or surpasses them then thats all the facts we need. or should i say eveidence, but saying the 360 cant handle a fighter if anything makeing tekken for the 360 prolonged developement time and now tekken 6 graphics are outdated it should have been out when the arcade version came out. namco f'd up big time. they screwed themselves in the long wrong should have released the ps3 version early this year then released the 360 version later on like. bioshock 1 or ninja gaidan and what not . but i bet microsoft paid them off to wait and do a dual release. im gettin tired of microsoft bribing developers and i hope no one says they dont when a developer screws themselves you know they got money to do it else it wouldnt be worth it. im glad its a fighting game cuz theyre like fun for 5 mins.

the 360 obviously can handle a fighting game its not like namco was actually gunna be innavative and make something cool if they were then ur comment would have some truth cuz the cell does alow more things to go on at once.

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