GameVisions Review: Halo 3: ODST

The official expansion to Halo 3, a mere two years later promises to shake up the direction of the iconic franchise. Is this promise the Truth, or does it simply leave too much Regret?

From the Review:
"In the Dark Days, the simple primitives made do with games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, and Carmack and Romero and Specter and Molyneux said unto them: "All your base is belong to us," and the gamers lived in the darkness. And Microsoft said, "Let there be Halo," and there was Halo. And the world was transformed into a new and mystical being enthralling and consuming the fanboys of the XBox and the PlayStation and the Windows and the Macintosh and the forgettable Nintendo thingie of the era. And the Dreamcast, yeah, that too. And there was much flame warring. And Microsoft said: "Let there be more Halo," and there was more Halo...sort of...if you don't need an ending, enjoy Oogie Boogie as an evil mastermind to the once faceless Flood, and don't mind a near-clone of the first story. And Microsoft said: "Let there be yet more Halo," and there was yet more Halo. And in the grand scheme of things it was some pretty good Halo...sure it kept the dumbed down gunslinger style, but the layout was great, and we didn't care. And Microsoft said: "Let there be isometric Halo, and even more first person Halo too," and the heads of all the fanboys exploded in a big puff of smoke..."

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Ron_Burgundy3601d ago

no need to review this exhausted piece of crap

Aquarius3601d ago

lol they rated this game out of 100...

its the same medicore gameplay!!!
seriously wtf has changed?
enjoy gravity jumping through the roof with HYPTAL.

The Meerkat3601d ago

No need to read comment 1 in the open zone------>

3601d ago