Need for Speed: Shift PS3 Review AceGamez

Electronic Arts talent for redesign has one giant asterisk against it. Every year the company proudly roles a shiny new model in its Need for Speed range off the end of its' assembly line and out of the factory gates, only for it to splutter back a little while later on a manufacturer's recall after driving straight off the edge of a cliff of criticism. It's become so bad that the series has now had more makeovers than Madonna, but, unlike the queen of pop, so far none of them has been a success. Last year the series went through what might be referred to as its Guy Ritchie phase, combining its racing action with a straight-to-DVD quality plot that was so poor the only use it would ever have been put to in the film industry was propping up the wonky leg on the bargain bin at your local Blockbuster.

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